The chop / Pan & Zoom impact is supplied to change the framing of your source media. It offers two settings of doing this, together indicted through the title.

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Crop allows you to specify the part of your media the you great to see, and then auto-scales the area come fill her frame.Pan & Zoom adds computer animation abilities, therefore the position or dimension of the clearly shows area can be transformed over time.

When the impact is added to a timeline object, 2 buttons will show up in the bottom left corner of the Viewer, permitting you to choose which setting is used.

Controls Panel

The major tools for regulating your chop are discovered on the viewer, but there are additional properties which have the right to be accessed v the Controls panel. The viewer controls because that each setting will be check in information further under this page.

Aspect Ratio: pick the element ratio the the chop area. Generally you will desire this to complement your timeline, but if you prefer a various shape, girlfriend can choose the aspect ratio you require here.Timeline: Constrains the chop area come the aspect ratio of the energetic timeline.Original: Constrains the chop area to the original facet ratio that the clip being cropped.*16:9: Constrains the crop area to a standard 16:9 widescreen facet ratio.4:3: Constrains the chop area come the 4:3 facet ratio of classic television.1:1: Constrains the crop area to a square aspect ratio.9:16: Constrains the facet to a vertical aspect ratio.Custom: allows you to specify any type of aspect proportion you desire. Utilizing the Custom element Ratio controls which show up when this option is selected.Width: specify the width pf the chop area in pixelsHeight: specify the heigh the the chop area in pixels.Autozoom: determines the dimension of the cropped area when the impact is applied.Enabled: The crop area is scaled as much as the biggest size which will certainly fit within her timeline resolution.Disabled: The original scale is used, for this reason the crop area stays at its original size and position, and all portions of the layer external the chop area space removed.

Crop Mode

Crop, the default setting of the effect, overlays a white rectangle ~ above the viewer, i m sorry is the crop Boundary. The area within the crop Boundary is the chop Area. Traction the edge or corners of the crop Boundary to resize it and also define the portion of the source media i m sorry you want to be visible. Right here the white crop Boundary has actually been resized and also positioned to emphasis the shooting on the 2 actors.


Once girlfriend click out of the impact controls, the chop will be applied. In this instance, to compare the initial clip ~ above the left with the results of our crop on the right.


Pan & Zoom Mode

Of friend don’t through the chop area to remain the same size, or in the very same position, throughout the term of the clip, you deserve to switch come Pan & Zoom mode to animate the crop area. Once Pan & Zoom setting is enabled, two Crop limits will be displayed on the Viewer. The green crop boundary is the begin Crop, and also the red boundary is the end Crop. HitFilm will automatically generate the animation to relocate from one crop to the other. Click inside of either border to pick it because that editing.


Green crop Boundary: The green boundary defines the crop which will certainly be applied on the very first frame of your layer. Click inside the environment-friendly box to pick it because that editing, and the playhead will automatically jump come the very first frame of her layer.Red chop Boundary: The red boundary specifies the chop that will be applied on the final frame of your layer. Click inside the red box to choose it because that editing, and the playhead will instantly jump come the last structure of your layer.

In this example, we have started v a comparable framing come our crop example above, as displayed by the green box about the 2 actors. The larger red box is almost the full size of the initial media, so HitFilm will gradually animate the position and size that the structure to disclose a broader shot.


When the Pan & Zoom mode is active, two additional buttons are shown on the Viewer.

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Reverse Motion: Click this button to swap the begin Crop and End Crop, so the the activity of your pan & zoom is reversed. In ours example, this would develop a shot which start wide, then moves in closer on our 2 actors.Add Keyframe: once the playhead is relocated to any kind of frame in between the an initial and critical frames that the layer, this button will appear. In some instances, start and end keyframes may not be enough. Move the playhead to any other framework where you desire to add second keyframe, and click this button. A brand-new white crop boundary will appear, and also you can edit the chop for the frame.