Hello everyone! This week, the dragon we"ll it is in looking in ~ is the Grapple Grounder! Why? Well, what happened yesterday? The critical season the Dragons: race to the Edge to be released. ...Also, the Chinese new Year to be yesterday. The was the real holiday. We"re act the Grapple Grounder for that.So why am i doing this dragon because that the Chinese brand-new Year? Well, this is the HTTYD dragon that most carefully resembles the Chinese dragon! (Technically it looks an ext like a oriental dragon, yet it"s the closest we have.)The Grapple Grounder has really long history with this franchise, longer than any type of dragon the didn"t appear in the very first movie. In 2010, this dragon was released ~ above the just how to Train her Dragon video clip game, which to be released through Activision for the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS and PlayStation 3. It"s thought that this dragon might be based on a statue seen in the movie, but it wouldn"t be seen in any type of official franchise media again until its release in Dragons: climb of Berk more than 4 years later and also its ultimate release in institution of dragons the complying with year. And if girlfriend younger, newer fans think this dragon isn"t a huge deal, think again! prior to the Triple Stryke, before the fatality Song, heck, before the Skrill, the Grapple Grounder was the can be fried dragon fighting champion and the first dragon make to rival a Night Fury! It to be the final boss hit in the video game because that this reason and is so powerful that Snotlout trust that getting a team of them will certainly guarantee his win versus the player in the fighting tournament. This dragon to be made to it is in freakin" terrifying, and for a fandom that usually gushes over dragons simply since they"re powerful, i still can"t number out why the Grapple Grounder isn"t near as popular as dragons like the Skrill and also Triple Stryke...but possibly being only a game-based dragon has a many to carry out with it.Now one of the aftermath of it gift in multiple games over a large span of time is the this dragon has had good variation in figure in its various incarnations. So just to it is in clear, as constantly I will certainly be presume the original design of this dragon is the exactly version, so my theories will be based on the video game variation from 8 year ago. Also, statistics from that game will trump statistics in the present School of dragons game.But weirdly enough, in spite of being a dragon with a long history and no a the majority of facts, ns didn"t come up v a lot of theories because that this one, at least not contrasted to many others I"ve done. Ns guess there just wasn"t a lot because that me to job-related with here? however in any type of case, i think I come up through a pretty an excellent biological summary of the Grapple Grounder native the theories i did come increase with. Ns hope you enjoy!
Theory 1: feasible Grapple Grounder statistics: The Grapple Grounder has a high Armor statistic, an average-to-high Stealth statistic, an strike statistic of 16, a speed statistic that 18, a Firepower statistic that 19, and also a gift of 0. The just solid statistics we have for the Grapple Grounder is that is Shot border of 6, which comes from School of Dragons. Yet we have the right to infer a couple of things around its statistics,and if I"m type of unsure about its Jaw strength statistic, ns think we have actually some proof to come up v ideas about the rest of that is stats.

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The Grapple Grounder is stated to be incredibly powerful, and it is a Boulder course dragons, which space characteristically tough-skinned. Therefore it makes sense that the Grapple Grounder would have actually a high Armor statistic. School of Dragons likewise states the this dragon is generally discovered in dark crevices, so i think it would need to have a kind Stealth statistic, despite whether that would simply be decent or be high is tough to say. Also, due to the fact that there"s no canon evidence of Venom and most dragons don"t have actually venom, ns think we have the right to assume it has a venom statistic that 0.Now because that Attack, Speed, and also Firepower, we actually have actually stats indigenous the original video clip game the we deserve to use to gain an idea that what its official statistics could be. In the game, every dragon has actually a preset percent of Power, Speed, and Firepower (along v others prefer Endurance). The Grapple Grounder specifically had actually a power of 80%, a rate of 90%, and a Firepower that 94%.Now follow me here, due to the fact that we have to do some math because that this. Once dragon statistics were very first released into the franchise, they to be on a 1-20 scale. Even the dragons presented in the Cartoon Network mirrors were ~ above this scale, and also the scale wasn"t broken to include higher figures till the main website got it"s huge update in 2014. For this reason we deserve to probably estimate the Grapple Grounder"s official statistics by seeing where each percentage drops on the 1-20 scale. Because that Power, which I"m equating with "Attack" due to the fact that the video game to be a fighting game, 80% is equal to 16. For Speed, 90% is equal to 18. And also for Firepower, 94% is same to 18.8, which we have the right to round up to 19.These stats present just how an effective this dragon is! This gives it the same attack as a Monstrous Nightmare and makes it the fastest dragon in the Boulder class with the most powerful firepower that its class! and also this is continuous with canon explanation of this dragon from various other games, which states it has powerful firepower and also is recognized for the "high octane" speed. Really, the institution of dragons stats are selling this dragon short. Big time. This dragon have to be supervisor fast and blowing apart many things in that path!Theory 2: The Grapple Grounder"s blind spot is behind that head. The Grapple Grounder appears to have a very wide selection of vision, based on the size and placement the its size. For this reason it"s blind spot is more than likely the apparent one.Theory 3: The Grapple Grounder"s vibrant scales and also intricate patterning is intended to warn other animals that it is dangerous. Usually when dragons are colorful, ns say it"s because that mating, i beg your pardon is typically why birds space colorful. However Grapple Grounders are based on snakes, and also snakes don"t offer a hoot around a shade when it involves mating, yet there space some nice beautifully-colored snakes in the world. Therefore why room snakes colorful? to warn other pets to remain away. Generally, this is due to the fact that they room venomous, miscellaneous we"ve watched no canon evidence for in the Grapple Grounder, but the franchise has displayed us dragons the are vivid to warn other pets of their peril without likewise being venomous. The most vibrant dragon in the entirety franchise (and one of the most beautiful as a result, if you ask me) is Colorcrunch the Thunderpede, and his coloration is especially to warn pets away from his mighty punches! maybe the Grapple Grounder, likewise, has colorful and decorative scales to warn various other creatures the it is the wrestling champion you don"t desire to chaos with!Theory 4: Grapple Grounders space diurnal. For shade patterns to be essential in Grapple Grounder biology, they must be diurnal due to the fact that widely-available sunlight is necessary for color vision.Theory 5: Grapple Grounders have the right to live in a selection of habitats. Castle burrow into the ground. There"s very little consistency around the habitats whereby one can find a Grapple Grounder. The main ar to discover them in Dragons: increase of Berk is Breakneck Bog, i m sorry is also home come an individual recognized as the Swampscrapper. This area is a boggy, vine-filled island. Yet you can likewise find it in ~ the trembling Faults, a rocky soil split and also cracked by Catastrophic Quakens, or find one ~ above Fishlegs" trip to Dark Deep, a rocky, barren island the is house to Gronckles and Quakens. There"s really no consistency in the habitats in it"s found in, which leads me to think in can thrive in a wide selection of locations.However, these room Boulder class dragons, which is kind of monster if girlfriend think around it. There"s no proof whatsoever that these dragons consume rock, breathe rock, or do any sort of rock excavation, but they must do one of these activities, since that is the defining feature the the class. In the Grapple Grounder"s case, ns think they connect in excavation. They more than likely move rocks aside and will burrow right into the floor in holes or tunnels, possibly even picking rock areas for these burrows. We even have a couple of clues that suggests this. One is the reality that castle are referred to as a "Grounder," indicating lock come from the ground. The other is the fact that school of Dragons cases these guys are normally found in "dark, secret crevices." All-in-all, this probably a dragon the likes rocky burrows and dark, rocky caves.Theory 6: The Grapple Grounder eats just around anything, native fish to bird to land pets to vegetation. Grapple Grounders are stated to be omnivorous, and also in the video game, they"ll eat just around anything (though your favorite food is ham). In later games, castle are presented to eat fish and also truffles, favor the various other dragons in stated games. V no continual diet and also one that appears to differ greatly, as well as being a dragon that can live in different habitats, it seems that Grapple Grounders can and also will eat just about anything. ...Might desire to make sure they"re trained no to go after your livestock. XDTheory 7: Grapple Grounders are mostly solitary and territorial. Lock don"t mate for life. Being largely based upon snakes, I suspect Grapple Grounders space solitary, choose snakes. And since this dragon is highly aggressive and also ready to wrestle anyone that meets, they probably don"t "share" well and are extremely territorial. Both these points would also indicate the they don"t mate for life, much like most other dragons.Theory 8: The Grapple Grounder"s soup claws are for mating. These dragons have actually wing claws, i m sorry don"t seem useful but might be used for clasping or tickling each other for mating purposes.Theory 9: Grapple Grounders contend for territory, and also possibly mates, by fighting. They might use their horns in battle. Since Grapple Grounders are large on this entirety "fighting" thing, I have to assume there"s some use to it. Ns think castle will fight each various other for resources, specific territory and mates. Seeing as they have actually horns on your heads, they most likely will usage their horns because that fighting. Due to the fact that we know they wrap their bodies approximately their opponents and also squeeze and that they lash at opponents with your tails, maybe they"ll likewise knock your heads versus an opponent when curled roughly them therefore they have the right to strike them v their horns, much just how giraffes will slap their heads against rivals to hit them v their horns when their necks collide.Theory 10: Grapple Grounders breed annually. Other dragons seem to, so i assume Grapple Grounders do.Theory 11: Grapple Grounders reach adulthood really quickly. Other dragons do, so...yeah.Theory 12: Grapple Grounders are most carefully related to the Sandbuster. It"s additionally related come the Hideous Zippleback and the Grim Gnasher. The an initial thing ns thought when seeing the Sandbuster is, "That dragon looks a lot choose the initial Grapple Grounder." It"s no so comparable that friend would ever confuse the two, however it"s comparable enough in profile the they seem to come indigenous a comparable lineage, v a comparable shape to their skulls and also serpentine body and also the same number of limbs. These leader me to think that the Sandbuster may be the Grapple Grounder"s closest life relative. Grapple Grounders additionally share a similar skull shape and also snake-like nature to the Hideous Zippleback, top me to think these two most likely share a relationship a bit more down the line. Finally, the Grim Gnasher also shares similar skull charactersitics come the Grapple Grounder. That is skull looks choose a Grapple Grounder skull that has been flattened. (In other words, it sort of looks like the Grapple Grounder skull from college of Dragons.) It additionally has similar horns on the ago and the same nose horn. Finally, the placement of limbs is compatible with having a comparable genetic origin.Theory 13: The statue that a dragon impaled on a knife hanging in the great Hall is a Grapple Grounder. Everyone has actually made this theory already, so I"m just reiterating it. A the majority of fans have noticed the the statue the the dragon impaled ~ above a knife that hangs in the good Hall doesn"t look at like any type of of the dragons seen in the very first movie, but it does resemble a Grapple Grounder. Some even suspect it may have actually been the incentive for the dragon seen in the video clip game. Everything the case, the statue will always be a Grapple Grounder in my headcanon.Theory 14: A tribe of people known together the tribe of Greens lives on the little bit of eco-friendly land ~ above Dark Deep. In Dragons: increase of Berk, Dark Deep is displayed to be one of the locations where the Grapple Grounder can be found, and also I made a theory around that island based upon Hiccup"s map in exactly how to Train her Dragon 2. I presented this v my Gronckle theories, so fairly than rewriting it, I"ll just attach you come the short article here.Bonus: Debunking the "Grapple Grounder"s breath magnesium gel fire" theory. So since the Grapple Grounder has actually been around since the very first year that this franchise and yet didn"t have much information provided out around it because that the an initial four, too many of people made headcanons about it that were mistakenly accepted as fact. Among them is that the Grapple Grounder breathes magnesium gelatin fire, which...nope. This isn"t found anywhere.First, magnesium gel is sort of nonsensical. To acquire magnesium come a gel-like state, it would need to be super warm already, fire or not. But much more than that, ns can"t find any evidence because that this. No video game has ever before said what the basic of the Grapple Grounder"s fireball is; the many we"ve gained is the the Wii game showed it to be electrically charged, and also School the Dragons evidenced this. The only ar I"ve checked out magnesium being named as the base for Grapple Grounder fire is ~ above the Wikia, i beg your pardon is well known for false information; fan art that claims they acquired their info from the Wikia; and the fan-made website how to Train her Minecraft Dragon i beg your pardon lists the Grapple Grounder as a Stoker class dragon and also has fake, fan-made statistics. I deserve to only guess that this misinformation originated from this Minecraft community"s headcanon.If ns am wrong about this and also there actually is info from the original exactly how to Train your Dragon game concerning the Grapple Grounder"s fire gift magnesium-based, you re welcome let me know. But I can"t seem come find any type of reliable sources behind it.Bonus: Debunking the "Grapple Grounder is venomous" theory. Actually...I think it"d be really cool if the Grapple Grounder was venomous, and I execute like this headcanon, regardless of lack of evidence for it. However there is a misconception that the Grapple Grounder is evidenced to be venomous, and also this is merely not true. As far as I deserve to tell, this misconception dates all the means back to 2010, back when the Grapple Grounder was the only well-known dragon that didn"t feature directly in the movie, and it to be only found in the exactly how to Train your Dragon video game. There"s pretty lot no information noted about the in the game other than the truth that the eats a range of things, its favorite food is ham, exactly how its power, speed, and firepower to compare to other dragons in the game, and that it"s powerful enough come give even a Night rage a gamble, so lot so the Snotlout thinks they"re his vital to to win the tournament versus the player. This dragon conveniently got a fan adhering to with the fans that were aware of the movie-based game, and BANG-BLAST-BOOM-ART below on rwcchristchurchappeal.com made a fan-made Dragon hand-operated entry because that it, composed in HTTYD runes and everything. And to flesh the end her page, she comprised information about it.

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BANG based she headcanons ~ above the Knucker dragon native the Dragonology series due to their similar appearance. She fan-made info contained the truth that Grapple Grounders space 30 ft. Long, hide in dark, wet crevices, will constrict the prey and also opponents through its body, and also has a poisonous bite. Some of those that later discovered her picture seemed to think the information was canon, and this information ended up top top the wikia page multiple times. In fact, 30 feet lengthy is a an excellent estimate because that the Grapple Grounder"s length based upon how the compares to the various other dragon species, though i think it can fall a small short. (This is also me saying that the length of the Grapple Grounder checked out on the Wikia is totally fan speculation, and also it"s partly based off this information, too.) and also the "hiding in dark crevices" and also "constricting" headcanons...they came to be canon. This fan-made details was so ingrained in the fanlore bordering the Grapple Grounder that school of Dragons seemed to expropriate them together fact and stated castle to it is in true. However as for venom, neither game has stated anything around the Grapple Grounder being venomous. It might be, it might not be, yet we have no proof whatsoever to imply that the is, and also most dragon aren"t. This is one little bit of fanlore that is still firmly grounding in headcanon-territory, and also as always, since most dragons aren"t venomous, ns don"t i think venom uneven I"m called it"s there.Fun Fact: For many of the HTTYD franchise"s existence, the Grapple Grounder was believed by fans to be either Strike class due come its great power, speed, and also electrically-charged blasts or Stoker course due come its powerful firepower. That was believed to be so an effective that it need to be in a an effective class. (And no one pays fist to this powerful beast currently that it"s Boulder Class...people have the right to be rather fickle.) Arguably, the fan theory of it being in either the Strike course or the Stoker class is the longest-running Grapple Grounder theory, despite the fact that both were lastly disproven ~ 3 years.And that"s every I have actually on Grapple Grounders! together always, feel free to say whether you agree, disagree, or have actually anything come add. And to every who recognize the Chinese new Year, ns hope you have actually a an extremely happy brand-new Year!As that yesterday, ns have included the Dramillion to my list of dragon that have the right to be favored by the number generator, however I"ve now obtained quite a few requests to gain through prior to I go back to the generator. And next week, we will certainly be doing one of those requests. We will be looking at the Sweet Death, a request from Ginger and Jaxomis native the school of dragons forum! Time to look at one more obscure dragon!