Twelve-year-old Jade culture member Faryn Liu may be destined come command the Jade Emperor"s army of demon-fighting dragons, but an initial she must finish a daring quest across San Francisco"s Chinatown before the Lunar new Year.

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publication Synopsis

An exciting tale. . . Readers will be enthralled. --J.C. Cervantes, new York time bestselling writer of The Storm RunnerA debut novel inspired by Chinese mythology, this middle-grade fantasy adheres to an outcast as she embarks on a pursuit to save the human being from demons--perfect for fans that Aru Shah and the finish of Time and also The Serpent"s Secret. together a member the the Jade Society, twelve-year-old Faryn Liu desires of honoring she family and the gods by coming to be a warrior. But the society has shunned Faryn and also her brother Alex ever due to the fact that their father disappeared years ago, forcing them to train in secret. Then, throughout an errand into San Francisco, Faryn stumbles right into a battle with a demon--and helps defeat it. She just might be the fabled sky Breaker, a powerful warrior meant to occupational for the all-mighty deity, the Jade Emperor, by commanding an army of dragon to defeat the demons. The is, if she have the right to prove she worth and find the island that the immortals before the Lunar brand-new Year. through Alex and other i can not qualify allies at she side, Faryn sets turn off on a daring quest across Chinatowns. But ending up being the sky Breaker will certainly require much more sacrifices than she very first realized. . . What will Faryn be ready to offer up to insurance claim her destiny? This richly woven modern middle-grade fantasy debut, full of humor, magic, and heart, will appeal to readers who love Roshani Chokshi and Sayantani DasGupta.

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"In this page-turning debut, Zhao weaves one exhilarating tale that shimmers with adventure, love, and loyalty. Readers will be enthralled approximately the incredible and absolutely breathless end." --J.C. Cervantes, brand-new YORK time bestselling writer of THE STORM jogger "Zhao"s impressive and also captivating debut adventure novel brings mythology and magic come life ... One ideal selection for pan of rick Riordan"s Percy Jackson collection and Roshani Chokshi"s Aru Shah and the end of Time. " --Booklist, starred evaluation "Inspired by standard Chinese mythology, this #OwnVoices fantasy adventure it is provided on action, humor, and also heart. Share v fans of stack Riordan and Roshani Chokshi." --School Library newspaper "With engaging characters, a fast-paced plot, and a skillful blend the modern society and ancient traditions, this collection opener will appeal to fans of Percy Jackson and also Aru Shah." --Publishers Weekly

around the writer

Katie Zhao prospered up in Michigan, wherein there was tiny for she to perform besides ask her sleep in a an excellent book or a writing journal. She i graduated from the college of Michigan through a BA in English and a minor in political science; she also completed she master"s in accounting there. She created The Dragon Warrior throughout her critical year that school, in in between classes. In her spare time, Katie enjoys reading, singing, dance (badly), and checking out brand-new restaurants. She now lives in Brooklyn, brand-new York.

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This is her debut novel.