So i know how to execute the bleach check to inspect for fillers/bullshit etc. Inquiry is Clorox doesnt do clear bleach just a certain kind which is method diff then original forumla, no much more especially in the States, all their bleaches have cloromax and also shit which renders them look yellowish. How have the right to I gain clear bleach; really require to understand aint trying to dish bread the end for a testing kit when I have the right to do a an easy test v bleach to see if amps and other bullshit filler float ~ above the top. Someone that knows wherein to obtain the perfect clear bleach please post it would be helpful.

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Doesn't issue - yellowish bleach works. It's mainly a test because that meth and cuts. Here's my an easy test guide you deserve to use:

Appearance Test: you should gain some clumped chunks that space slightly shiny/scaly looking. Girlfriend should be able to break castle up through your fingers. If you have these crunchy tough rocks, then someone cut the cocaine and "re-rocked" that to make it appear like it's turn off the brick again - basically some shit. Be aware that almost no dealer sells "acetone washed" cocaine and also it's just a gimmick to sell you a bag complete of powder, no clumps. If it's a bag full of powder, climate you're roll the dice.

Hot-Plating: placed a ceramic bowl in the microwave because that 1.5-2 minutes, traction it out and also use it to cut the coke on. Go the coke walk from clumpy to fluffy? Yes? then that's good. Really an excellent cocaine will generally increase in volume when hot-plated favor this.

Bleach Test: drop a bump's worth right into a 16 oz. Glass that has bleach in it. Real coke will immediately start dropping slowly down in a swirly, sparkly pattern and leave white, smokey trails in the bleach. The color will turn red if there's meth, orange if the're's lidocaine/benzocaine. Any kind of other cuts will certainly either stay at the height of the bleach surface, or will certainly clump as white goo in ~ the bottom.

Water Test: very same with bleach test, however drop about a half bump in water and also see how fast it dissolves. Genuine coke disappear immediately, cuts will dissolve slow or stick come the height of the water. If there room levimasole crystals, you'll view them briefly as this clear-like crystals at the bottom before they dissolve.

Touch Test: Dab a tiny between her fingers. If it's greasy and/or dissolves easily then it's likely great coke. Shit coke will be rock difficult clumps and be hard to break in between your fingers. Very same with chopped up pill chunks (ritalin, caffeine, etc.)

Taste Test: take it the lot you simply put on her fingers and rub the on your reduced gums. If it goes a super solid numb in less than 3 minutes, you have actually lidocaine/benzocaine cuts, no cocaine. If it's a slow, gradual numb then you have actually cocaine.

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Snort Test: If the burns, there's part shit cut in it. If you're numb through no high, climate it's usually benzocaine. If you're amped up however no high, climate it's speed or some other stimulant. Shitty dealers will certainly make "homemade" coke by mixing benzocaine with caffeine or ephedrine. The last will burn but the benzocaine will certainly numb the away. If girlfriend don't feel great snorting it, climate odds are it's not coke.