Hello, this particular day in this article I will display you a detailed guide ~ above How to take it Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A11.

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So, if you are searching for a means to take screenshot in Samsung Galaxy A11 climate you have concerned the ideal place.

There are countless ways come take screenshot in Samsung Galaxy A11.

In this guide, you have actually been said 6 easy methods to take screenshots, v the help of which girlfriend will have the ability to easily take screenshots in her Samsung Galaxy A11.


So let’s know around the techniques without any type of delay.

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How to take it Screenshot ~ above Samsung Galaxy A11

Six various Methods to capture Screenshot

Using crucial CombinationPalm Swipe to capture gestureAssistant MenuUsing her Voice (Google Assistant)Third-Party ApplicationLong Screenshot

How to take it Screenshot ~ above Samsung Galaxy A11

Method #1: Using vital Combination 


First of all, to take a Screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy A11, you must open the display that you want to screenshot.After that, you need to press the Volume under button and also the Power switch at the exact same time.Now to see your Screenshot you walk to the gallery and also go to the Recently included images.

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Method #2: Palm Swipe to catch gesture


Go come Settings→Advance feature→Motions & Gestures.Then permit Palm swipe come capture.Now you deserve to take a screenshot by swiping the leaf of her hand on her Galaxy A11 screen.That’s the