How to take a screenshot on her HTC 10

If you want to save a website, image, or other info that shows up on your screen as an image, you deserve to take a screenshot of her HTC 10.

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This is not an overwhelming at all. In what follows, we define step through step just how to take it a screenshot on her HTC 10.

How to take it a screenshot

Depending on the model of her smartphone, the steps to take a screenshot might vary a bit. That’s why we’ll display you several methods to take a screenshot on HTC 10.

Method 1:

To take a screenshot, press the menu button and also the start button at the very same time. Hold both buttons down for two or three seconds until the screen flashes briefly. Now you can uncover the screenshot in a separate folder in the gallery of your HTC 10.

Method 2:

Another an approach is come simultaneously push the house button and also the minus volume adjustment switch on your smartphone. As shortly as a screenshot (or display grab) is taken, the display screen flashes briefly as it did because that the an initial method.

Method 3:

On some models, girlfriend can even take a screenshot by sliding your finger across the display screen from one edge to the other.

How come take an extensive screenshot

With newer models, you can even take an extended screenshot, i m sorry is a screenshot that goes beyond the display size of your smartphone.

So, if you desire to take it a screenshot of a website, for example, you deserve to simply scroll through it rather of taking number of screenshots. Please keep in mind that this only works if the page opened on her HTC 10 deserve to be scrolled.

We would favor to educate you that the procedure for taking a screenshot might differ from one design to another.

In the adhering to we will present you two ways to take an extensive screenshot on your HTC 10.

Method 1:

Start by opening an application v a scrolling function, for example the web browser.Simultaneously press the power button and also the volume under button.Hold both buttons down till your HTC 10 takes a screenshot.You will check out a message with numerous options, choose “Scroll Shot”.You have the right to now take a screenshot the the web page to the bottom that the section.Method 2:

With this method, you can also take a screenshot the a complete website, including all the points you carry out not check out on the display screen itself, regardless of scrolling.

Take a screenshot and also click ~ above the option below.Your smartphone will certainly now prolong your screenshot until you insanity the screen.

Should the configuration on her HTC 10 be contempt different

You may have actually chosen to download your very own OS on her HTC 10, or you might be using an unknown variation of HTC 10. Right here are the crucial takeaways to take a screenshot :

On mobile devices that do not have a hardware keyboard, screenshots have the right to usually it is in made by pushing a key mix and / or a display screen button.

Special features under Android, which can be on her HTC 10

For tools that have actually a home button and also a power button, a screenshot is usually developed by concurrently pressing and also holding this buttons. For gadgets that do not have actually a home button, pressing and holding the power button on the screen displays a button to take a screenshot.

Special attributes under Microsoft Windows, if you set up it ~ above HTC 10

For windows 8 tablet computer PCs, a screenshot have the right to be motivated by holding down the Windows button (below the screen) and also the Volume down key. For windows Phone 8 phones, press and hold the windows button and also the strength key. As of home windows Phone 8.1, a screenshot is prompted by holding down the power vital and the volume up key.

Then you have actually the option to crop, send, publish or edit the screenshot from her HTC 10.

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We hope to have been maybe to display you a way to take a screenshot on your HTC 10.