Here’s just how to Start any kind of Hyundai v a Dead crucial FOB

Have a dead Smart vital fob? Can’t get your automobile started? Well, don’t worry! there’s a failsafe built into every Hyundai vehicle to make sure you have the right to still acquire where you have to go.

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Here’s exactly how to start your Hyundai vehicle, no issue which model year the is, v a dead Smart an essential fob.

Get the Battery Replaced

2 various Ways to start a Hyundai with a Dead FOB

There room two various ways to start your Hyundai with a dead vital fob, relying on which version year girlfriend have.

Fix 1: usage the ago or end of the dead vital fob to push the Start button while pressing the brake.

Applicable Models: part 2013-2015 Hyundai models; every 2016 or more recent Hyundai models

Fix 2: Insert dead crucial fob with buttons encountering up right into Smart crucial slot (locations provided below) and also push the Start button while pushing the brake.

Applicable Models: some 2013-2015 Hyundai models; every 2013 or older Hyundai models v Smart Key

Smart an essential Slot Locations: These slots are located in one of three locations: 1. The former of the center console; 2. Behind a panel straight underneath the infotainment regulate knob; 3. On the left next of the glovebox as soon as it’s opened.

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If you have actually one that the Hyundai models through an active Hyundai Digital crucial subscription and a compatible Android smartphone (this function is unavailable on iPhones, due to them lacking the details technology needed), then every you have to do to begin your car is location the call on the wireless charging pad, push the brake, and push the start button.

Still not Starting?

If neither of these fixes operated for you, then something may be wrong v your vehicle. Us recommend scheduling an appointment as quickly as is convenient. And don’t forget to inspect our business specials to make certain you’re acquiring the shortest prices!

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