One of the points you’ll do commonly during video editing is splitting and also cutting clips. It removes parts of videos you may not want or helps obtain the pace of your video clip just right. If you just beginning out with video editing top top Adobe Premiere, you might be overwhelmed v all the tools easily accessible and are wondering exactly how you deserve to easily break-up your clips. 

There space several means you can separation a clip in Premiere Pro. 


Method 1: utilizing the Razor Tool

The easiest means to cut or break-up clips in Premiere is by utilizing the Razor tool. This permits you to separation clips at any allude in the clip friend want, ideal from the project timeline. The just downside to this method is the it can be much less precise, however, that a good way to perform a an initial rough cut of her clips. 

Make sure the clip you want to be break-up is inserted in her timeline.Look come the left-hand next of the timeline, and also you’ll check out some device icons. Move your computer mouse over them until you discover the Razor tool, with an icon that looks choose a razor, and select it.

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When you hover over your clip in the timeline, your computer mouse pointer should look prefer the Razor icon. Uncover where you desire to break-up the clip.Click whereby you want to do a split, and also you’ll check out the two sections will now be disconnected.

Each split portion will now act prefer their own separate clips.

You deserve to now delete the part of the clip you don’t want, or include effects and transitions to either clip portion without it affecting the other part. Dividing a clip in the timeline likewise won’t impact the initial clip indigenous the job panel, therefore if you desire the whole clip again you can simply find it there and place it in the timeline again.

Method 2: utilizing the resource Panel

Another method to break-up a clip in Adobe Premiere can be done before you put it in the timeline. This technique is a bit more precise together you can change the exact in and out points of the section of the clip girlfriend want. V this method, rather of going come the timeline, you’ll be using the Source panel. This is the panel generally in the top-left side, and when you choose a clip in the Media library, a preview of the will display up here.

So, pick the clip indigenous the job panel you desire to split so it comes up in the source panel. Then follow these steps.

At the start of the clip’s time bar in the Source panel, you’ll see an arrow-shaped marker. You have the right to use this to scrub through the clip and set In and Out markers. Where the In mite is placed is where the clip will begin when placed in the timeline, and also vice versa because that the the end marker.

Hit the ns or O keys wherever you desire the In and also Out markers to it is in placed. I is for In, O because that out. There are additionally icons in the toolbar in the source panel you can click to collection these, which look favor brackets.Once you have actually your markers set, in the resource panel tools, pick Insert. This will put the clip into your timeline wherever the timeline mite is inserted at. You have the right to insert a video clip with or there is no audio.

This is a an excellent method to use to be precise, together you can watch the clip frame-by-frame and also place the In and Out mite at these certain points. It likewise won’t impact the initial clip indigenous the project panel at all, as with the other method. And, friend won’t have to deal with the remnants of cut-up clips cluttering her timeline. 

How to Delete part of a Clip

If you used the Razor method, friend will most likely want come clean increase those piece of the clip you don’t want in her project. To perform this, you’ll simply want come delete the component of the clip. Don’t worry though, if you later realize you want part of the clip back, you deserve to just go into your Media library and also find the initial clip again to put in the timeline.

Here are a pair of easy means to delete parts of a clip:

Right-click ~ above the part of the clip you nothing want. Native here, select the Cut option. The clip section will be gotten rid of from the timeline.

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Alternatively, you have the right to just choose the clip part you don’t want in the timeline and hit Backspace on your computer. Girlfriend can additionally click and drag in the timeline to pick multiple clips and delete castle this way too.

Splitting a Clip in Adobe Premiere Pro

Using these methods, getting the perfect cut of a clip is really easy come achieve. Over time these methods will become 2nd nature, together they are some of the most regularly used tools throughout a video project. 

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