A college favorite, the water bottle bong deserve to be assembled using simply a couple of simple items discovered in every home (Shutterstock)

What you need:

A water bottle – a 16 oz plastic bottle is best, the much more straight and also cylindrical the betterA lighterA plastic pen or markerA small, sharp knife, or some tweezers or a metal poker of part sortToothpickAluminum foilSome weed

1. Remove any and all fluid from the bottle

If it once had a sugary drink in it, make sure to wash it extensively first.

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2. Make a stem

The stem will certainly go from outside the bottle, v a hole in the human body of the bottle, down to the bottom the the reservoir. Take it apart a plastic pen or a marker and remove the ink and all other pieces other than the hollow plastic cylinder that makes up the body of the pen. This will certainly be her stem.

3. Do a hole in the body of the bong

This is whereby you will pressure through the plastic stem. Pick a clues a tiny less than halfway increase the body of the bong and also mark it through a sharpie. Part people pick to take it a knife and also cut a tiny hole, but a an excellent method is to take it a tiny metal poker or some tweezers you nothing want, and heat the tip up with a lighter until they acquire white-hot. Automatically take the poking machine and push it v the spot you marked with the sharpie until it renders a hole. If the plastic is tho hot, press through the plastic stem friend made from the pen. If the feet you made v the poker is narrower than the stem, it need to make a chop seal together you push it through.

4. Do the hole for the carb

Just choose you made the hole for the stem, perform the very same on the exact opposite side of the bottle, leaving a hole about the size of the eraser head that a pencil.

5. Make a bowl

There room a few methods for making the bowl. If you offered a plastic pen that has a cone-shaped metal tip in ~ the end, take it it and invert it and also stick it right into the finish of the stem, creating a v-shaped bowl. If it doesn’t fit, you have the right to take some aluminum foil and place it over the end of the stem, creating an indentation because that the bowl that you then push down slightly right into the body of the stem to hold it in place. Take the toothpick and punch part holes in the bowl. Be mindful not to execute too countless or your weed can fall through.

Your bong is now ready come go, yet how execute you use it?

How to use a water bottle bong

Using a water party bong is basically simply like any kind of other bong, though due to its fragile nature you’ll should be a bit an ext gentle. ~ all, this point isn’t meant to last.

1. Pack the bowl

Take a small amount the weed and also place the in the aluminum foil bowl, making sure not to fill it down tough so the silver paper doesn’t fall into the chamber of the stem.

2. Ar one finger on the carb

Make sure to sheathe the carbohydrate as she inhaling, so the it has a chop vacuum.

3. Insert her mouth into the open up top the the bong

With her mouth inserted into the peak of the bong (creating a tight seal), host a flame over the weed in the bowl and inhale strongly and also steadily v your finger top top the carb. Together the chamber fills v smoke and you obtain towards the finish of your inhale, release your finger native the carb and give the one just fast inhale of smoke, every one of which should be forced up the chamber right into your lungs.

4. Organize the weed in, exhale, repeat 

It’s approximately you how countless times girlfriend repeat this step.

The dos and also don’ts the water party bongs

A water party bong is generally a one-time tool, yet there room still some points to keep in mind to make sure things walk well.


Add a tiny ice in ~ the bottom of the bong chamber. This will certainly make the water extra cold, helping do the bong access time a small less harsh.Make certain to clean out any sugary soft drink gunk from the bottle. The just sticky thing should be her weed.Make certain there is a chop seal. Prior to taking your first hit, examine that over there is a chop seal approximately your mouth and the carb once you inhale. Together you inhale, take your finger off the carb a pair of time to inspect if a vacuum is produced when the covered. In a pinch, a little duct tape can be placed around the hole whereby you put the stem in order come seal it off.Pour out the bong water afterwards. This is best as a solitary use device, but if girlfriend think there will certainly be a sequel, make sure to pour the end the bong water and leave the bong somewhere the the odor of a bong i will not ~ be noticed.


Use a party that included anything harmful. Perhaps it goes without saying, yet don’t use a plastic engine oil party or an north plastic bottle of coast for your bong. You will regret it.Inhale plastic fumes. As you’re utilizing the bong, if you notice that parts of the plastic body or stem space burning and releasing plastic fumes, prevent inhaling, step earlier and placed out the flame.Treat it as a irreversible solution. A plastic party bong is a short-term, desperate solution that need to be used once or double at most. It’s supposed for usage in a pinch, and also if you think you’ll be needing a bong a lot in the coming weeks, walk ahead and splurge for an really glass or hard plastic bong.Spill the bong water. If you’ve never ever spilled bong water on a carpeted floor, think about yourself one of the happy ones. Bong water is a foul, nasty liquid and also the odor can be quite tough to remove. Make sure to manage your bottle bong carefully.

Are water bottle bongs safe?

Safety must be ensured to make certain the plastic isn’t melted and multiple supplies are no recommended (Shutterstock)

Depends on what you median by “safe.” cigarette smoking out the a water party bong – or any bong for that issue – consists of the same health threats as any kind of smoking, despite the water may filter out several of the tar. Mostly though, there is the safety and security risk make by the plastic. The best method to stop inhaling any kind of potentially harmful plastic fumes is come not organize the flame over the plastic that the stem as soon as inhaling, and to make sure when you get a whiff of burning plastic to shut that down and also take a break until things cool off.

In addition, with recurring use, chemicals have the right to leach out of the plastic in the bottle and can be ingested by the user. To play the “safe,” don’t use the bong an ext than once, and make sure none of the plastic burns.

The bottom line on water party bongs

Water bottle bongs space an effective solution when you absolutely, positively have to smoke weed out of a bong yet only have actually some improvised gives at home. Utilizing thin plastic materials to make smoking tools can attitude some health risks, but as lengthy as you save this together a one-time thing supplied in emergencies, friend should most likely be fine.

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And once you do want to uncover a long-term solution, invest in a solid, dependable glass bong.