So, You want to download Imgur album but don’t know exactly how to perform it? Don’t problem I am here to assist you.Imgur is one online photo hosting platform. It’s one of the biggest sites in the world and also has a very huge user base, with practically 150 million monthly active users.

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Want to know much more about the finest image hosting platforms. I have written a an extensive guide top top 20 cost-free image hosting sites for 2021. Friend can examine it out together well.Imgur allows you to develop a gallery and then, re-publishing it v others. Over there are numerous galleries accessible on Imgur. Each album includes dozens that pictures. To save them one by one is a time-consuming task.That’s why i am going to show you 100% working methods to download the Imgur gallery easily.
Download Imgur AlbumNow, permit me show the proven methods to download all the pictures of the gallery. Have actually a quick look at this methods:Directly Download Album indigenous ImgurImgur Album DownloaderFirefox Add-on – Imgur Album DownloaderImgur DownloaderImage Downloader Software

1) directly Download Album native Imgur

Imgur has added this function to directly download short articles without any kind of third-party online service or software. This is the easiest method to download one Imgur album.


Follow the offered instructions come grab the gallery directly:

The records will begin savingAll images, Gifs, or Videos accessible in this gallery will certainly be downloaded together a zip file. This is the easiest method to download the Imgur album in a couple of steps.

2) Imgur Album Downloader

Imgur album downloader is a website that permits you to obtain the album in no time. You have the right to save videos albums as well.For this, we simply need an album ID the is very easy to find. Usually, the last 7 characters of the album connect is one ID.Note: To discover the ID, have actually a look in ~ the complying with Imgur album URL: last bold part is the id of this album. Now, us will usage this ID to download this album.


Follow the given instructions:Open Imgur Album Downloader

Paste the Album id that you desire to downloadThen, click on Load. The will fill all the album images.Click ~ above Select All, then, hit the Download button

The saving process as a zip record will start.This is one more easy means to download posts. Instead of pasting the album identifier every time, you have the right to drag the bookmarklet to your bookmark bar.
Then, you simply need to click this bookmark on the collection page and also it will load the album automatically.

3) Imgur Album Downloader by Julian fietkau

The Firefox browser users can install an Add-on called Imgur Album Downloader through Julian fietkau and download whole album quickly with a single click because that free.


Follow the offered steps to usage this extension:First, add the Imgur album downloader add-on to your Firefox browser.

Then, open any Imgur album or gallery.You will view a download button. Click on it.This add-on will begin downloading procedure of the full album.So, you have the right to use this easy-to-use add-on to settle your problem. That can additionally download a videos gallery.

4) Imgur Downloader

Imgur Downloader is an additional online website to download albums native the Imgur website. This device will aid you come download Imgur albums, galleries, Imgur video, GIFs, and images.


This tool is really easy to use, fast, and also secure as well. Follow the given steps to usage this amazing tool:Open Imgur Downloader on her browser

Paste the Imgur Album i would (not URL)It will begin fetching album, after the select all and click top top the download button
Album will start downloading

5) ImageDownloader Software

ImageDownloader is a complimentary batch picture downloader for desktop users. You can download the images, videos native Reddit, Imgur, or local.


We will usage this software program to download the photo album. Monitor the given guidelines to use this tool:Download and Install the exe document of ImageDownloaderNow open the tool (type surname in home windows search crate if can not to find) and also navigate come the Imgur tab:
Paste the Imgur Album URL (not album’s ID).Select the destination folder, and also click ~ above DownloadThe file will be download in no time.Not just Imgur, but you can also download bulk images indigenous subreddits in the Reddit tab by placing links.

Frequently request Questions

Is it safe to download from Imgur?

Absolutely, you have the right to download images, videos, GIF, etc., safely indigenous Imgur. The the many widely supplied image-sharing site where many users upload content regularly. It doesn’t spread malware. It’s safe.

How carry out I download an album indigenous Imgur?

You can download it directly from Imgur because we nothing need any kind of third-party device to gain the album native Imgur. This is the official feature listed by Imgur. So, we need to use this one and also it is straightforward as well. If you use Firefox, you can use one add-on for this objective too.

How to view albums on Imgur?

To view the albums on Imgur, login to her Imgur account, walk to your Profile > Images
Your all albums are detailed below the new Album choice like below:You have the right to upload images to the album together well. This is exactly how you can view albums ~ above Imgur. Want to know how to develop albums top top Imgur? I have written a detailed article on it, you deserve to read it.

How come download video clip from Imgur?

Saving Imgur videos is very easy. Navigate to the video clip you desire to download, right-click ~ above it, choose “save video clip as“, pick the destination and also click “Save”. Your video clip will begin saving.In this way, you can conveniently download Imgur videos. In this exact same way, you can individually save picture as well.

How come Download Imgur Album ~ above Android?

Unfortunately, over there is no app easily accessible for android come download all the pictures of the album (at the time of writing). However you have the right to follow the above methods in the chrome app and also download the album conveniently on an android smartphone.

Download Imgur Albums: Conclusion

As us have discussed how to download one Imgur album, you have the right to think how easy the is to download it. Girlfriend can select any an approach that works well because that you. There may be various other websites also you can use to downloads gif, videos or images.If ns find more interesting techniques to execute this task then, ns will update this post. Make certain to i ordered it to the newsletter. If you found this article helpful then, spread out the love by sharing this short article with others.

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