lol = laughing out loud;rofl = roll on the floor laughing;lmao = laughing my a** off;roflmao = rolling on the floor laughing mine a** off.

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These are just some the the develops of text laughter that I first encountered ~ above ICQ/IRC earlier in the 90s / early on 00s. Naturally we additionally have "hah", "haha", and "bwahahahha" :)

However, as soon as talking to friends, aside from the consistent "jaja", ns haven"t found plenty of other alternatives to express various levels that amusement. And also it feeling wrong come laugh occasionally when it"s just something that"s mildly amusing, because that example.

Any suggestions?



Lo que yo hago (otros harán otras cosas):

Te hace gracia y dare sonríes :)Te hace gracia y car ríes :DUna sonrisa perversa: jejejeje (como levantando el labio remarkable por el lado derecho)Una sonrisa malvada: muahahahaha (como el malvado que se ríe cuando su trampa ha funcionado)Alguien metió la pata, te sorprendes y te hace un poquito de gracia: JuasOf course, también lol, ja, jajaja, y JAJAJAAJJAJAJAJA.


They use "jajaja": the more "ja", the more powerful the laugh. Yet there are variations, like jejeje, which is a less strong laugh and also can be a worried laugh or one "evil" laugh.

Anyway, over there seem to be "alternatives" because that LOL in

CMC (casi me cago) = It means "I virtually p**p mine pants (from laughter)";RAC (reír a carcajadas) = lol

I"ve likewise seen "MDR" (muerto de risa), but it actually originated from the French "mort de rire", same meaning; it"s offered by French speakers together with LOL.


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