You’ve viewed them, no doubt. Maybe, you even have one or flourished up in a household that had one. A twin sink vanity, a vanity through two sinks rather of the customary one, is a true high-end no issue the house’s population.

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In a family members of 7 children, because that instance, all in college at the exact same time, the was crucial luxury. Otherwise, busses to be missed.

Two sinks, however not necessarily two complete sets of pipes needs, define a dual sink vanity. Supply and drain pipes have the right to serve double duty making use of tee fittings, special valves, expansion pipes, 90 level elbows, and hoses.

As through all pipes projects, though, you have to consult the local regulations and also discuss her plans through the regional plumbing inspector. You deserve to avoid having actually to rip other out and start almost everywhere again through a rapid chat with the inspector.

Let’s examine the process.

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What is stormy In Plumbing?

A plumbing rough in describes boring the feet in framing studs and also flooring v which all water supply and drain pipes will certainly run, both up and also down. Then, all pipe connections are made either to feed right into or take from the plumbing fixture.

The “rough” in “rough in” describes the fact that the tube dead finish in the lower part of the wall, the component that will certainly be behind the vanity room doors. No sink, faucet, or other fixture has actually been connected to them yet. They room unfinished.

All the the plumbing will it is in enclosed in that vanity cabinet, simply as the plumbing for a solitary sink vanity is beneath the sink and enclosed. The vanity is obviously big enough to accommodate two sinks, so it is also large enough come accommodate every one of their plumbing – – the fittings, valves, elbows, and hoses.

Some Considerations for dual Sink Vanities and Plumbing

Sinks in a dual sink configuration must be spaced at the very least 30 inch apart, however probably closer to 36 inches, measured facility of sink to facility of sink. You desire to have sufficient elbow room if you’re share with another person.

This enables plenty the room beneath the sink for the plumbing essential to feeding water to and also drain it from each sink, too.

Bathroom Sink Materials


Materials for bathrooms are numerous to select from and also varied in styles. A double sink construction will regularly come in a single vanity top, removed the must measure spacing between the sinks.

Among your options for materials:

Ceramics, solid surfaces that space scratch and also chip resistantPorcelain, durable, soft in appearance, straightforward to cleanStone – granite, marble, sandstone, onyx – porous and also needing distinct care, however making a stunning appearance as a work of artStainless steel, a little boring by comparison, yet easy come clean and germ-resistantWood, usually teak, occasionally bambooResin, durable, and also easy to clean

Each renders its own statement in a dual sink vanity, including color, class, and difference to your bathroom.

Plumbing Needs

Every sink has actually a drainpipe line the carries the end the waste-water, and the pipe must have a catch to seal the drain. This will certainly be usual to all sink pipes needs.

The seal is compelled to prevent sewer gasses from climbing up right into the bathroom. In fact, every fixture the drains connects come a pipeline that has such a trap..

Additionally, every sink needs a sink vent in bespeak to role correctly. A vent helps equalize the press on a drain pipe as the water flows down to ensure that the circulation is smooth and steady.

These needs, however, are usual for every bathroom sinks, solitary or double. When local plumbing regulations permit a common drain, though, there is no double expense.

Helpful pipes Instructions

As always, YouTube can provide a selection of videos to watch on just around any subject, including dual vanity sinks.

We mentioned over a shared drainage pipe because that a dual sink vanity. This is a video to display what this looks like:

You’ll likewise see a 2nd rough plumbing drain configuration in this video, as the plumber discusses various local plumbing regulations. It’s precious a watch.

For a much much more comprehensive video of roughing in a dual sink vanity, you could want to watch these 2 videos:

It’s a two-parter, and also it’s a couple of years old now, however it mirrors the process of the roughing in.


You require the extra space, yes. Whether for yourself or other family members members, the extra room of a dual sink certain is convenient.

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But they likewise will include value to her home. The common bathroom will have actually a single sink vanity, for this reason yours, with a double sink, will stand out and also become an ext attractive come potential buyers when you decision to sell. “His” and “Hers” sinks deserve to go a long way to making a revenue happen.