Questgiver: Penguin Pete Conditions: Repair your ship turn In: Penguin Pete Rewards:
reward Bag
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The Erchius Mining facility is a pursuit which sends players come the game"s an initial mission the Erchius Mining Facility.

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There are a number of hostile moontants and a boss encounter; the Erchius horror inside the facility. Players should make sure they"ve equipped simple protective armor, have a comfortable weapon and some food or healing supplies. If SAIL might warn the player around radiation levels, these are component of the narrative and also are no actually dangerous to the player.

After defeating the Erchius Horror, a passage will unlock to conference the required Erchius Crystals, together with a teleporter to return to the shipyard captain at the outpost.

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He"ll repair her ship after rotate in, enabling it to take trip to various other planets within the neighborhood system. Perfect this search is a need of the quest gaining Started, which deserve to now it is in turned right into Esther.

Quest Text

"I can repair the ship, yet it"s gonna take it 20 Erchius Crystals... You"d far better get yerself end to the Erchius Mining Facility. I"ve sent out the location collaborates to yer ship"s SAIL."

completion Text

Penguin Pete

quest Text

"Perfect! These"ll carry out the job. I"ll go ahead and also fix increase yer ship best now."

IntroductionThe Protectorate ► boots Up ► gaining Started
MissionsLunarBecome Space-worthy ► The Erchius Mining Facility ► Visit The Outpost
Floran Find ideas to locate the Floran Artifact ► fetch the Floran Artifact
HylotlFind ideas to situate the Hylotl Artifact ► fetch the Hylotl Artifact
AvianFind clues to situate the Avian Artifact ► fetch the Avian Artifact
ApexFind hints to locate the Apex Artifact ► having the Apex Artifact
GlitchFind hints to locate the Glitch Artifact ► having the Glitch Artifact
FinalOpening the Ark
EndgameThe last Frontier
Side Quests
Tech ChallengesLet"s acquire Technical ► A Dashing separation, personal, instance ► Jump-starting breakthrough ► Jumping come The best Conclusion ► rounding Up The components ► getting The sphere Rolling
Mech ChallengesTest journey ► Parts and also Labour ► Penguin Weaponry experimentation Site ► progressed Test Drive
Space StationsYour an extremely Own room Station
PeacekeepersBecoming a Peacekeeper ► Rookie Assignment ► increasing through the ranks ► The great Fight ► maintaining the Peace
MuseumKoichi"s inquiry ► The leader of the Apex ► The Visage that a Hunter ► quiet Knight ► fresh Tunes ► The last Acquisition
ArenaA Challenger ideologies ► The Glory That"s within ► Arena that Fire
Penguin MercenariesDreadwing the Penguin
Ship UpgradesLicensesSparrow Ship upgrade ► Kestrel Ship update ► Falcon Ship upgrade ► Eagle Ship update ► Condor ship Upgrade
Counterfeit LicensesShady Sparrow Ship upgrade ► Questionable Kestrel Ship upgrade ► Fishy Falcon Ship update ► illicit Eagle Ship update ► Crooked Condor ship Upgrade
MiscThe shed Teddy • The Hero"s Forge

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