Registering a copy of Smash Ultimate might seem like a hassle, however it's a vital step in declare the complimentary downloadable contents that has already arrived in the game. To buy the game digitally skips this step, but anyone that bought a physics copy will have to register their video game if they desire to play as Piranha plant or get the bonus gold points to invest on other digital games.

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Did you purchase Super quit Bros. Ultimate? her Piranha plant DLC code might be wait in your email inbox.

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Here's exactly how to register your copy that Smash Ultimate:

1. Make sure your Nintendo online account is linked to your Nintendo move Profile

2. Insert smash Ultimate right into the Switch

3. With the video game highlighted ~ above the move menu, press the + button

4. Select "My Nintendo Rewards" and follow the on-screen prompts

That's it! Your game should now be registered to her account, and also you should have actually received the cost-free gold points.

You must receive an email with her Piranha plant DLC code in the next couple of days.

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