A complete Vault the Glass raid guide for Destiny 2, the old-but-new raid added to the game with Season the the Splicer.

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Vault the Glass has actually returned and also it’s a small bit various in Destiny 2. For those searching for the optimal strategy for completing this iconic raid, look at no additional than this Vault that Glass raid guide. Whether you’re a veteran or someone venturing listed below Venus for the an initial time, this raid will test you and your Fireteam and also offer an excellent rewards because that those that complete it.

Vault of Glass raid guide

The Vault that Glass takes place on Venus, one area that is right now only obtainable through the new Legends node in the Director. The raid has actually a recommended power of 1300, which shouldn’t it is in too daunting to reach offered Destiny 2’s brand-new lenient strength structure. For those the played the original Vault of Glass back in Destiny 1, most of the encounter continue to be the very same though there are some slight changes.

Recommended tools – Vault that Glass

While you deserve to likely clear the Vault of Glass with every little thing weapons you desire or feel most comfortable using, there room some choices that will certainly make it significantly easier for those groups that are struggling come hit DPS checks.

Xenophage is an legacy in the Vault that Glass. It\"s able to one-shot Oracles and also is quite handy in ~ dealing ceo damage.

For starters, Xenophage is virtually non-negotiable. This Exotic device gun deserve to one-hit Oracles and really put the pains on bosses and Champions. Friend can likewise have a many ammo v the best mod setup. It really shines in all encounters.

Anarchy is one more excellent option for those that have it unlocked. During Season of the Splicer, the Breach and also Clear mod works through Anarchy, i beg your pardon debuffs bosses and other targets. Anarchy is also one the those “set and forget” tools that allows you deal DPS v your secondary, like a Sniper Rifle.

Anarchy is an ideal option for players that want to use distinct weapons for damage, such together Shotguns and Snipers. That can additionally apply the Breach and Clear debuff native the Splicer seasonal artifact.

You might likewise consider making use of Deathbringer, if you’re may be to obtain the Exotic Catalyst. This is, unironically, a great DPS option. Coupled with Argent Ordnance, Deathbringer have the right to melt the Wyverns, Champions, the Templar, and also Atheon.

Weapons that utilize Overload Rounds space critical. Over there are several Overload champion in the Vault of Glass, so gift able come lock them under is an essential to clearing encounters. Discover an Overload Mod and also use a weapon the you feel most comfortable using. Throughout Season of the Splicer, the saturday Seraph SMG could overload champion while also permitting players to generate Warmind Cells.

As for general weapons that make points easier, take into consideration bringing in a Void Shotgun to attend to Minotaurs and also Praetorians, a Grenade Launcher with a Blinding Grenades perk, scout Rifle to attend to long-range combatants, Salvager’s Salvo because that one ceo DPS option, precision shotguns for one more boss DPS strategy, Divinity for the huge crit-spot creation, and Tractor Cannon for the debuff.

Opening the Vault that Glass

The an initial encounter in Vault the Glass is to open up the raid. This mechanic needs three Vex sync key to it is in activated and also held till a main spire is formed. Praetorians will generate (with some backup Vex) to try and reclaim the plates.

Split right into teams of two and also send 2 players to every of the 3 Vex platesStep into the ring till the white wall around the is builtDefeat Praetorians prior to they touch the platesReclaim any kind of Vex sync bowl that room lostHold till the Spire forms and the Vault of Glass opens
To open up the Vault of Glass, three Vex plates must be held and also defended.

This encounter starts overlooking the entrance to the Vault that Glass. Indigenous spawn, you can reach the peak by walking left and wrapping around to the greater area. Over there is a Vex sync bowl on the left, in front of the door, and on the right. Send 2 players to each plate.

Praetorians will take control of the plates. Defeat them prior to they with the Vex plate. Watch out for the Cyclops the spawn, too.

Begin by was standing in every one of the bowl to develop a connection. When this happens, Vex will begin spawning. The smaller sized units, like Goblins and also Hobgoblins, cannot take it the plates back. The only adversary that deserve to severe the connection and turn the bowl red space the Praetorians. Focus on killing these Praetorians before they reach your plate. They will alternate their generate points.

As friend fight, numerous Cyclops will spawn about the area. These have to be neutralized as quick as possible as they can deal extreme quantities of damage. Use Supers and Heavy to knock them down fast.

It’s not compelled that you continue to be on the plate when the connection has been made. In fact, it can sometimes make it an ext difficult. Just focus on avoiding the Praetorians.

The spire in the facility of the map will progressively be constructed as you host the plates.

You have the right to track your progression by looking come the center of the map wherein the Spire will certainly be developing inside a Vex latticework. The an ext physical it becomes, the closer you room to opened the Vault that Glass. Once it’s totally built, the enemies will despawn and a light will blast out of the Spire and open the door.


After working your method deeper into the Vault that Glass, friend will get in the Templar’s Well wherein the following three encounters will take place. The an initial of this is the Confluxes encounter. This requires players protect three Confluxes as Vex march towards them to try and sacrifice.

Defend the very first Conflux native VexDefend the two Confluxes indigenous the VexDefend all three Confluxes native the Vex
Players must safeguard the Confluxes from waves of enemies.

The Conflux encounter is really simple to recognize as there are no mechanics beyond killing Vex before they with a Conflux. The real difficulty is clearing opponents as quick as possible. Store an eye the end for Wyverns and also Champions that spawn, these will certainly be your key threat.

When you have successfully protected a Conflux, it will certainly disappear and there will certainly be a tiny section where several opponents rush the end to shot and defeat you. Make it through this step to with the following Conflux spawns.

Overload Minotaurs will certainly rush the area when the Confluxes despawn.

At the start of this fight, there will only be top top Conflux in the middle. You have the right to either all defend close to the Conflux or send her team out roughly the arena to defeat opponents as lock spawn. As soon as the two Confluxes spawn, break-up your team in fifty percent and have them each defend one – there’s one on each side. For the final phase where there are three Confluxes, have two players defend each of the Confluxes.

Communication is vital here, together it is crucial to not let too many Vex sacrifice come the Conflux. It’s also an essential to not let any type of Wyverns sacrifice, as they will automatically cause the team to wipe. Defeat them easily using Supers and Heavy ammo.

Avoid the blue/white pools. Stand in one reasons you to be marked for Negation. Cleanse this debuff by finding and also standing in the main well.

There is also a mechanic whereby specific Vex devices will explode and leave a pool of liquid. Standing in this pool offers players a debuff which will certainly kill them uneven they cleanse. There is a Cleansing swimming pool in the facility of the arena. This is repeated for the Oracle and Templar encounter.


The Oracles section of the Vault of Glass calls for players loss Vex Oracles that show up around the map. The Oracles should be ruined in the order lock appeared. If the Oracles are damaged in the dorn order, your team will certainly be marked and will at some point wipe. If the Oracles are destroyed too late, players will certainly be wiped.

Defeat 3 OraclesDefeat 4 OraclesDefeat 5 OraclesDefeat 6 OraclesDefeat 7 Oracles
The Oracles will appear in a details order. Destroy them in the bespeak they show up to complete the encounter.

The Oracle encounter in Destiny 2’s version of Vault the Glass rewards the the Oracles be defeated in the order that they spawn. This way communication is key and players have to recall which Oracle spawned and when.

Ideally, friend will have players assigned come an area wherein an Oracle spawns. They will count the chimes as the Oracles spawn and call the end the number once their Oracle appears. For example, if the Oracle you’re watching appears on the fourth chime, you will defeat the fourth. To make this easy, each player should speak to out your number when the Oracles first appear and also call the end their number again together they ruin the Oracle – this method each human being knows when it’s your turn.

Watch out for the Hobgoblins the spawn approximately the perimeter that the arena.

During this encounter, Goblins and also Minotaurs will spawn in the arena and Hobgoblins will snipe friend from the far-off blocks. Friend must deal with these or stop them together you ruin the Oracles.

It’s worth noting there are seven Oracles in the arena, which method one player will certainly be responsible because that watching and also destroying two of them.

It can help to label the Oracle places so you know where they are. You can split it left and right and label lock L1 come L3 and also R1 come R4, through the middle Oracle being referred to as “mid”. Usage whatever an approach works for your team.


The Templar hit in the Vault that Glass introduces a brand-new tool dubbed the Aegis or Relic. The fight requires players defeat three Oracles in the exactly order, prior to taking down the Templar’s shield utilizing the Relic and also dealing damage. The Templar will teleport to a brand-new location and then the actions must be recurring – uneven someone block his teleport by stand in the ring.

Grab the Relic to begin the Templar fightDestroy 3 Oracles in the exactly orderUse the Relic’s super to eliminate the Templar’s shield, rest players out of DetainmentDeal damages to the Templar, repeat the measures as necessary
Three Oracles will appear at the begin of the Templar fight and also throughout it. They have to be ruined in the exactly order every time castle appear.

Before friend begin, entrust one player to usage the Relic. It will be there task to destroy at the very least one Oracle, take under the Templar’s shield, and protect the team making use of the Oracle’s shield function. Use the shoot button to heavy attack (which is a slam as soon as activated in mid-air), the melee switch for a fast attack, her aiming/ADS button for the shield, and also the super buttons to execute the Relic’s firing strike (which removes the Templar’s shield). If the Relic is dropped, it will certainly wipe the team ~ 10 secs unless someone picks it up.

The hit starts as quickly as the Relic is choose up. Native here, the human being with the Relic need to hang around one side to see where the Oracles spawn. Two other civilization should also assist. After the an initial three Oracles spawn, loss them in the order lock appeared.

Use the Relic\"s Super ability to knock turn off the Templar\"s shield.

When the Oracles space gone, the person with the Relic must use the Super capability to knock off the Templar’s shield. Girlfriend can acquire Super power faster by defeating enemies or Oracles with the Relic.

As quickly as the Templar’s shield goes down, every players (excluding the Relic holder) should begin damaging the Templar – it’s weak suggest is the “nose”. Look the end for the player who gets Detained

After a couple of seconds, the Templar will produce a ring ~ above the floor to suggest where it will certainly teleport. Once it teleports, it will gain back its shield and also then the previous measures will must be recurring until the Templar dies.

One strategy is to use among the shelves close to the Templar\"s spawn point. Usage Well of Radiance and Ward that Dawn for extra protection and also damage.

One strategy to boost amount the time in the damage phase is because that the Relic holder to prevent the Templar native teleporting. This is excellent by stand in the circle it makes. If excellent in time, the circle will adjust color and also eventually disappear – you have to stay in the circle until it disappears. If you obtain out of the circle before then the Templar will still teleport.

The difficulty of this technique is that if you protect against the Templar indigenous teleporting, it will spawn Praetorians because that every effective block. This means the team may need to clean these strong Minotaurs while additionally focusing top top damage.

Standing in the circle till it disappears will stop the Templar from teleporting.

If you want to avoid the Templar native teleporting, a good strategy is to usage the platforms near the starting point that the arena – right where the Templar spawns. Put a Ward the Dawn with Weapons that Light and then a well of Radiance further along the platform will enable teams to transaction a lot of damage. Being this close way you can also use precision shotguns (like very first In, last Out) to transaction a most damage. Using Anarchy permits players to have other sources of consistent damage while using a Shotgun.

Another choice is to set up more away and use Snipers or other types of strength weapons. This lets you keep your distance from the Templar if capitalizing ~ above something favor Deathbringer, which has some outrageous DPS throughout Season of the Splicer many thanks to its Exotic Catalyst and specific mods.

Gorgon’s Labyrinth

Though not technically an encounter, players have to still pass v the Gorgon’s Labyrinth without dying. If a Gorgon look at you, it will enrage and then wipe the team. The exit is situated on the left-hand side of the maze, from the direction of the generate point.

There are multiple courses through the maze, however the most continual option tends to be making use of the big rocks top top the left-hand next of the key maze area to jump end the Gorgons.

Updated Gorgon\"s Labyrinth map forthcoming.


The Gatekeeper is the 2nd last hit in the Vault that Glass. This encounter calls for players take the Relic in and also out the portals and also pass it come one an additional in a relay race type of fashion. This encounter introduces Praetorians that have actually a shield which can only be eliminated with an attack from the Relic.

Defeat the Gatekeeper and collect the Relic native the middleOpen the Vex portals by was standing on the Vex sync plates and also send one player into each onePlayers inside call out who has actually the PraetorianRelic holder goes right into the portal to loss the Praetorian and then offer the Relic come the player the was insideNew Relic holder pipeline the portal and also takes it to the other side that the room and also gives it come the player top top the sync plateSync bowl player now takes the Relic right into their portal to loss the Praetorian that spawnsThis sample of taking the Relic across and in is repeated until a Conflux spawns in the facility of the key roomAll players protect the central Conflux, beating Praetorians and also Wyverns until the encounter completes
Grab the Relic indigenous the center of the room after the Gatekeeper dies.

There is one main debuff in this fight approximately which the entire encounter is based around: Teleport Destabilized. This 45 2nd debuff avoids someone from taking the Relic v a portal much more than once. Come work around this, if girlfriend pass v a portal with the Relic (either right into a portal or out into the main room) friend will have to drop that for another player come take.

As one example, the player that picks the Relic up an initial will get in the portal with the Praetorian, defeat it, and also then drop the Relic for the player within the portal. This player will pick increase the portal and take it out into the main room and also drop it for the player in ~ the various other side. This player will take the Relic right into the various other portal, defeat the Praetorian, and also drop the Relic for the various other player.

The player v the Relic requirements to remove the shield native the Praetorian.

To start the encounter, defeat the Gatekeeper the is in the center. It will certainly teleport about the arena until it is defeated. Once defeated, seize the Relic the spawns in the middle in prior of the island. When the Relic is being picked up, the various other players have to be opening both portals at the same time by standing on the Vex sync plates.

When both portals are active, send one player into one portal and also another player into the other. This players protect a Conflux and also call the end who has actually the Praetorian. As shortly as the Praetorian is referred to as out, the player through the Relic should immediately enter your portal.

Gatekeepers will proceed to spawn in the middle island, locking the Vex portals.

As this is playing out, another Gatekeeper will spawn, transforming off the portals. The Gatekeeper should be defeated prior to the portals will certainly reactivate. A Gatekeeper will generate around around the same time a Praetorian spawns. If everything goes follow to plan, 6 Gatekeepers will be defeated before the last phase begins (including the beginning Gatekeeper).

Overload Minotaurs will spawn after the very first Gatekeeper dies and then throughout the fight.

While all this is happening, one or 2 players will be defending the Vex sync plates. This plates will certainly be continually struck by Goblins and also Overload Minotaurs. If one Overload Minotaur will the plate, the will claim it, shutting under the portal. Try to defeat them as shortly as lock appear.

When enough Praetorians are defeated in the portals, a Conflux will appear in the main room that everyone should defend.

After sufficient Praetorians space defeated, a Conflux will appear in the main throne room. At this point, all players must return come the main area and also defend it. The player with the Relic will should remove the shield of any kind of Praetorians that spawn. 3 Wyverns will additionally spawn close come the finish of the encounter.

Wyverns will spawn throughout the fight. Try to nuke lock as quickly as possible.

Speaking that Wyverns, when the Praetorian spawns inside the portal on one side, the various other side will have actually a Wyvern to deal with.

In terms of which Supers you must be making use of for this encounter, take into consideration something that’s a one-and-done, favor Blade Barrage, Thundercrash, or Nova Bomb. This melt the Wyverns, which is advantageous as you might be by yourself as soon as they spawn.

Atheon, Time’s Conflux

The last fight in the Vault the Glass is against Atheon, Time’s Conflux. This conference teleports 3 players at arbitrarily through among the portals where they have to collect a Relic and also defeat three sets of 3 Oracles in the exactly order before escaping. As soon as freed, damages can be dealt to Atheon many thanks to the Time’s Vengeance buff.

Destroy the Vex cube to begin the fightDefeat Harpies until three players room teleported – teleported football player say i m sorry portal they to be teleported toThree players on the outside call out the order that the Oracles show up while defeating Supplicants. They likewise open the exactly portal utilizing the Vex sync plate.Three football player on the inside collection the Relic and also destroy the Oracles in the exactly order then departure through the portalAll football player deal damages to Atheon when the Time’s Vengeance buff lastsRepeat the actions until Atheon is defeated – that does not have actually a final stand
My team make this our Oracle callout in stimulate to do it simpler for the team that was teleported. Use whichever method you uncover mose effective.

The main mechanic in this hit that need to be perfected is the Oracle callouts. Much like the Oracle and Templar encounters, this Oracles need to be destroyed in the exactly order. The distinction here is the the football player on the external will need to connect the generate order come the players that get teleported. Because that the football player that obtain teleported, the Oracles will show up to generate at the exact same time. If the Oracles don’t dice in the exactly order or are damaged too late, the totality team will die. There are just two rows that Oracles, so label them in every little thing fashion functions for your team.

Oracles will spawn in the key room in a certain order. This order have to be communicated to the team that gets teleported. Making use of the above callout, this would certainly be Portal Right and Portal Mid.

Begin the conference by destroying the Vex cube that is floating over the island. At the suggest Atheon will certainly spawn and also Harpies will begin flying into the throne room. Loss Harpies while avoiding Atheon’s strikes until three players are teleported.

Move to the sides of the throne room and take under the Harpies the flood in.

For the football player that stay in the throne room, the task is to open the portal to the area whereby the various other three players were teleported. Meanwhile, they need to watch for the Oracles the spawn over the throne room. The bespeak the Oracles spawn need to be relayed come the football player on the inside. This is recurring three times until 9 Oracles room defeated.

The team the gets teleported must instantly say which next they to be teleported to. The side that looks choose a jungle is on the right and also the desert next is top top the left. As soon as this information is shared, the Vex portal deserve to be opened.

The team the gets teleported must tell the exterior team which side they\"re on. Castle will additionally need to defeat the Oracles that appear in the order the the outside team said.

While this is happening, one player have to grab the Relic. Castle will need to use it to ruin Praetorians the spawns under by the portals (the Praetorians will spawn near the teleport you use to exit). Throughout this time, the Oracles will certainly appear and must be destroyed in the order shown by the exterior team. The Relic holder will also need to usage the Relic’s cleansing balloon to eliminate the blinding effect from everyone inside a portal.

Praetorians will generate on the stairs close to the portal you usage to departure the future/past location.

When 9 Oracles room destroyed, the players must leave v the portal as quick as possible. Once the critical Oracle dies, every player will get a 30 2nd buff dubbed Time’s Vengeance i m sorry increases ability regeneration and permits everyone to damages Atheon.

All players should gain into a position to best damage Atheon. The prevailing strategy is to go to the center island, as this is a an excellent spot to damages Atheon while staying clear of Supplicants. A Ward that Dawn ~ above the back half of the island for tools of Light and also a well of Radiance in ~ the front for damages resistance will substantially increase the team survivability and damage output.

A solid strategy is to stand on the center island. Use the Relic to cleanse anyone the is significant by the Void and also then emphasis on DPS.

During the damages phase, a player at arbitrarily will get a debuff called Imminent Detain. As soon as this will zero, it will detain the player and anyone too close come them. The player should conveniently get away from the various other players and also wait for their teammates to totally free them by shooting the detainment field.

The Relic can be dropped for no much more than 10 seconds. During this time the Relic holder can gain some damages on Atheon.

Unfortunately, the Relic’s shield does not block Atheon’s damage, so it’s only purpose right here is to cleanse players the come out of the portals. During the damage phase, the player through the Relic deserve to drop that momentarily come deal damages to Atheon. Remember, if you perform drop it, the Relic must be picked up within 10 secs or it will certainly wipe the team.

When Time’s Vengeance ends, the Relic will certainly disappear and all football player should obtain to a for sure place. It is in careful, as there’s a an excellent chance a most Supplicants and Harpies will certainly remain roughly the periphery. Conveniently defeat as plenty of of them as possible before the next teleportation occurs and also the struggle repeats.

A Sniper Rifle is a good secondary weapon to use if you operation out that Heavy.

Repeat every one of this till Atheon is defeated. As shortly as Atheon dies, friend can claim your rewards indigenous the far side the the throne room.

As because that optimal weapons to use during this encounter, the key hurdle because that players might be destroying the Oracles. If the 3 players are shooting the very same Oracle, you deserve to use primary weapons and also save heavy ammo. The can assist to have actually the Relic holder autumn the Relic to assist damage the Oracles for a couple of seconds. An alternative is to have players use Xenophage, as that will one-shot the Oracles. An additional option is to use a Sniper Rifle, i beg your pardon will allow you to conserve your power weapon because that Atheon.

A well of Radiance offers good damage protection from Atheon\"s blasts and the bordering Harpies.

In regards to dealing damage to Atheon, there are different strategies. You can use one-and-done Supers favor Thundercrash, tongue Barrage, and Nova Bomb, as these deal a many of damage and, thanks to Time’s Vengeance, will regenerate fast sufficient to get off a 2nd usage. You could additionally use Salvager’s Salvo v Demolitionist and Vorpal Weapon come shoot, throw a sticky grenade, and shoot again. This transaction a totality lot that damage an extremely quickly. You might likewise consider Deathbringer and also stack Argent Ordnance mods because that the bonus damage. Of course, having actually a Sniper Rifle way you can proceed to deal substantial damage if you deplete all your Heavy.

The main an essential to victory will be ensuring player survivability throughout the fight. A well of Radiance or Ward that Dawn space almost vital for this reason, however, jug players have the right to likely perform without.

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The Vault the Glass raid in Destiny 2 need to be immediately nostalgic for veterans while also offering some great new twists. Because that newcomers, it’s a an excellent look at how much Destiny has actually come in terms of raid design and also complexity. Be sure to store it locked to rwcchristchurchappeal.com as we covering the Vault that Glass Master difficulty and more. Friend can uncover all this an important information end on the Destiny 2 complete Strategy Guide, i m sorry is your one-stop shop for everything you need.