I keep coming back to that game, i practically have no fun playing because i think the game is just disgustingly unfair and also it's very time consuming, 2 matches take more than 2 hours a the majority of times... I almost fully wasted mine morning play it today

The addiction is strong, this is among the most addictive and yet sad and unfun games that i have ever played, ns don't know just how that is feasible but just how do i break the addiction? It's beginning to serious mess through my life and also fuck me up but i always come back to the game that ns hate, climate be illusional about, then uninstall and also hate, then be illusional about the game being any type of fun again... It's a bicycle of uninstalling and also reinstalling the video game that i should break if i want to leave this garbage for good

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I feel you...

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Was very same with me and dota 2. I was in the same situation of reinstalling the game after 2 or 3 days... Yet as i now identified you MUST and i repeat MUST!!!! have something rather to execute in your complimentary time (which i had actually quite a lot when i chose to stop). At begin you have actually to force yourself come do new things because, lets confront it, i never ever did anything while ns was gaming. Ns did some sporting activities every now and also then, some drinks with gaming friends ad that was it. I never met brand-new ppl, never ever went out to try brand-new things and also so on...

I began collage again and am spending most of my time about it, studying, meeting brand-new ppl, doing brand-new things (i began duolingo german course, to be learning fast typing, am polishing my motorbike practically everyday, doing several sports, might enroll earlier in part choir or some sports activity... To placed it simply: points to put your mind turn off gaming). And also only currently (3 mainly of no games, streams or anything) am i beginning to evaluate time i spend doing actual things in mine life. It was HARD to start however after part time it grows into your skin and atm i'd kinda feel bad if ns don't do my plan workout or various other things.

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The other thing is friends... Ns don't know just how other ppl confront this problem, however i myself felt really "lonely" not having actually those trusted chats and also puns while gaming through friends. I decided to street myself from mine gaming friends since they did no really assistance my decision to prevent gaming. Once we went out we mostly talked about games and also stuff and also that might be a large factor why i relapsed in the past... We seldom talk now because we have no usual interests anymore. Yet on the other side i associated with some old high institution friends, that execute "positive" things to help you stop thinking about games - hiking, simply drinking beer and chatting about random things (cars, motorcycles and women ofc.), ....

tl:dr: because that me i had actually to fully turn mine life around, due to the fact that the "old me -(minus) gaming" did no work. It constantly led me earlier to gaming. Revolve your life upside under (it's fucking hard) yet it's the same in business. If the design does no work readjust the fucking model and try again!!!!