Though the is typical to speak the rendering as if this term only uses to last output, the processes of developing previews because that the Footage, Layer, and Composition panels are also kinds the rendering.

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You deserve to preview all or component of your composition as you work, there is no rendering to final output. Numerous of the controls for previewing space in the Preview panel.

After results allocates ram to play video and audio in the Timeline, Layer, or Footage panel at real-time speed. The number of frames that have the right to be stored because that real-time playback counts on the lot of RAM accessible and the settings in the Preview panel.

The default preview behavior is configured to develop a preview the represents a real-time playback. As soon as you press spacebar (the default keyboard shortcut), After results starts a preview with audio, and also caches frames till the obtainable RAM is filled.

To start a preview of video and audio, do any of the following:

Click the
(Play) buttonin the Preview panel. When you click the play button, settings assigned for the Shortcut currently displayed in the Preview panel, space used.
Select Composition > Preview > Play. Once you pick the beat option,settings assigned for the shortcut at this time displayed in the Preview panel room used.

Configure Preview actions

You deserve to configure the Preview choices to fit your working style. Controls in the Preview panel permit you to configure preview behaviors for each keyboard shortcut (Spacebar, Shift+spacebar, Numpad-0,Shift+Numpad-0, Numpad-, orOption/Alt+Numpad-) audio, looping, caching, range, and also layer controls.

To configure setups for Preview, do the following:

In the Preview panel, you deserve to modify the complying with settings to configure Preview behavior:


Choose a key-board shortcut come play/stop a preview: Spacebar, Shift+spacebar,Numpad-0, Shift+Numpad-0, or Option/Alt+Numpad-0 . The Preview habits depends top top the settings specified for the at this time selected keyboard shortcut.


Restore default preview setups for all Shortcut keys.

Note: To restore preview setups for all key-board shortcuts to carefully match their habits in previous versions (After results CC 2014 and also earlier), organize the choice (Mac OS) or Alt (Windows) key, and click the Reset button.

Include Video: as soon as enabled, the preview dram video.

Include Audio: as soon as enabled, the preview plays audio.

Include Overlays and also Layer Controls: when enabled, the preview mirrors overlays (for example, grids and also guides) and layer controls because that selected layers as identified in the view > View options dialog box. This deserve to be allowed regardless of even if it is Include video is enabled.

Viewer dashboard overlays incorporate guide lines, safe margins, grids, and also 3D reference axes. To pick which overlays to display for the present viewer, open the choose Grid and Guide choices menu in ~ the bottom the the viewer panel.

While a preview is playing back, you have the right to dynamically display or hide great controls using: Cmd + transition + H (Mac OS) or manage + change + H (Windows).

Loop: clues if you want the Preview to play in a loop.

Note: reflecting or hiding layer controls throughout a preview go not impact the state of the great controls option in the Preview panel.

Note: you cannot at the same time disable all the three include buttons. At the very least one button must remain enabled. When you disable the third button, one of the various other buttons is enabled.

Defines the variety of frames that room previewed:

Work Area: just the frames within the job-related area.Work Area -Extended by existing Time: job-related area is dynamically expanded with referral to the place of the current-time indicator (CTI).If the CTI is placed prior to the occupational area, the length of the variety is indigenous the existing time to the work-related area finish point.If the CTI is inserted after the work-related area, the length of the selection is from the start allude to the existing time. If From present Time is enabled, the size of the variety is native the start allude to the last structure of the composition, layer, or footage.If the CTI is put inside the work area, the selection is the occupational area with no extension.Entire Duration: every frames the the composition, layer, or footage.

Play around Current Time: when you begin a preview v Play around Current Time enabled, the preroll value is subtracted from thecurrent time, the postroll worth is included to the existing time, and the frames in-between are previewed.

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To collection the preroll and postroll values:

Select selection > Play approximately Current Time.In the Play about Current Time setups dialog box, set your preferred preroll and also postroll values in seconds.Click OK.