When it heats up in southerly California, people aren’t the just ones seeking refuge from the heat. Bugs are also looking to store cool. Numerous times, this won’t be a problem, however we acquire questions native customers around how to protect against bugs from coming with the air conditioner.

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Here space our favorite methods to protect against bugs from acquiring into her cool, warm home.

Can Bugs obtain into my HVAC System?


Unfortunately, the answer to this concern is a resounding yes. It is an extremely easy because that insects, and also other creatures, to find their way into her HVAC system and also then her home.

Most HVAC systems market a nice home for critters. Oftentimes there’s defense in the condenser’s grill. There’s nearly always a fresh water it is provided from the condensation, and also the whirring the the machine can be a toasty place to stay warmth at night.

Another factor bugs like your HVAC system? it can grant total access to your home. They gain in with ductwork, return vents, and little holes in the walls.

The an excellent news is the there room a variety of things you have the right to do to keep bugs from comes in through the wait conditioner.

What type of Bugs obtain In?


Bugs seek out the same straightforward shelter we do. They are attracted come the lights inside your home, cool temperature, and access of food. Her air conditioner can offer easy access to the inside of your home.

The bugs most typically found in your AC mechanism are flies, cockroaches, mosquitoes, ants, and spiders. Ns don’t know about you, however we sure don’t want these critters running around inside ours home.

Fill in the Holes

Go outside and look in ~ the area roughly your condenser. Room there any type of cracks or holes? just fill them up with caulk or concrete.

Though the holes might be small, they’re a great way for bugs come come v the air conditioner and int your home. You can purchase caulk and concrete at your local Ace Hardware, house Depot, or Lowes.

Keep up through the Landscaping


Landscaping matters, specifically when it concerns your condenser. Over there are straightforward rules all homeowners need to follow as soon as it pertains to AC and also foliage.

First, any kind of plants, trees, or fences should be 2-3 feet away from the condenser. Just like most other things in this world, it demands room to breathe. Make sure any type of tree branches room not as well low. Also, clean any debris from roughly the condenser. Sheet piles room a good starter house for bugs.

Second, relocate anything that might attract bugs far from her condenser. This has wood piles, garbage cans, and grass clippings.

By clearing away any gathering places for pests, you’re minimizing the threat of bugs comes in with the air conditioner.

Consider a absent Garden


If cleaning up shrubbery seems choose a complete buzzkill, why not put in a rock garden?

These rock gardens are acquiring popularity due to the fact that they’re straightforward to maintain and also drought resistant. Also, they will deter bugs from making their nests around your condenser.

A absent garden can be anything indigenous aesthetically satisfaction gravel to bricks, or even large river rocks. Also, high plants deserve to potentially block airflow and clog your condenser’s coil. A absent garden would entirely alleviate this problem.

Clean her Gutters and also Downspouts


Over the summer dust, leaves, and also other debris can easily buildup in your home’s gutters and downspouts. This buildup is an very inviting home for pests and also critters.

Routinely cleaning her gutters and downspouts is not only a good thing to do, but it additionally keeps away bugs.

Stop Water Leaks


Cockroaches are constantly looking for water. A damp ar could provide a wonderful house for a family members of roaches. That’s why you’ll want to inspect for any kind of water leaks and patch them up as quickly as possible.

Check your hose spigots and also make sure they close nice and tight. If you notification any water leaking from your condenser it’s much more than a beacon for roach families, it might be one indicator the something is wrong v your AC

Schedule an AC tune-up


Want to prevent bugs from coming through the wait conditioner? Schedule an appointment v the HVAC experts at company Champions. Our techs will execute an AC tune-up and professional cleaning to for sure there room no critters in or around your system.

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Call the number at the optimal of the display or click right here to request an appointment online. We serve parts of Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange, and also San Bernardino counties.