Payday 2 are fully removing drills and converting old safes right into free-to-open safes because of legal rulings top top digital items.

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I have to probably suggest out vapor Marketplace usability is tho a thing, which itself is a bit of a monster loophole (the video game won't technically have actually MTX's, yet you have the right to still buy skins external of the game, placing it in the very same realm together Hatty Time and also it's sticker-onomy.)

Sure. However the safes us aren't tradeable anymore. So the gambling is gone.

If you have any kind of safes in her inventory - your safes will stay in your inventory. The main change is the your safe is currently not tradeable,

I'm having a really tough time detect what legal changes may have prompted your actions here. Anyone much more in the know with the Payday 2 neighborhood know if the developers have actually said anything much more specific various other than 'future fear?'

They're most likely afraid of more countries judgment loot boxes as gambling, for this reason they made them all cost-free ingame autumn so it won't effect them.

i mean, they've already been raided through the police once, so they're most likely still under a really watchful eye and their new CEO more than likely wants their occupational as risk-free as possible right now.

I didn't even realize PD2 was still super active or receiving updates at all. Is that time to go check it out again?

They got a new CEO, and also have began to do DLC updates out of financial necessity. The agency just had actually a restructuring after former CEO (and Tosslord) Bo Anderson drive the company into the ground through RAID: WWII and The wade Dead, a video game so bad, they lost the patent to it!

Mr. New CEO (whose surname is complicated enough because that me come no remember, sorry!) has so far been fairly open about his plans because that the future, and also the status of console ports and the like. They go release 2 DLC's on computer recently, a fit DLC and a Heist DLC, with another one being teased at the moment (Likely to release this Thursday). They it is in alright.

Well yes and no. Through the remove of drills, safes climate dropped ingame once a week for each player. Make them rare items that people then sold on the steam market for tons of cash still. For this reason nothing really changed. Likewise old safes from before that time when these alters where do still necessary drills to be opened, drills they've gladly offered via heavy steam for years.

So basicly everyone has actually pretended or did no do enough research around it and just decided that overkill are good guys every one of a sudden. Even tho nothing changed.

I haven't seen this existing update completely so i dont recognize exacly whats going come happen, but chances space its just another headline they have the right to use to obtain old players back.

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I got so perplexed for a second because I never paid much attention to the safes, therefore I assumed this intended they were removing drills in really in-game missions.


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