ESEA MDL Season 35 it s okay under means this week through the first matches so what better time to have actually a look in ~ what the next couple of months may have actually in store? A quick recap of things that have actually happened in the off-season, some general trends and also individual team previews come follow.

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Season 33 ultimately Completed — earlier go to ESL pro League

Season 33’s to plan Global an obstacle was postponed and eventually cancelled as result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As it was difficult to command in the regular fashion, the three European groups who had qualified via their places in the Season 33 play-offs instead contended in a mini-tournament because that a solitary spot in ESL Pro league Season 12. X-kom earlier won the spot in spite of losing to Sprout in the competition opener; the Poles beat Galaxy Racer (formerly Japaleno) and also then avenged us on Sprout 3–1 in the final, despite the default map disadvantage, come secure qualification for ESL Pro organization Season 12, which will take ar as an online regional tournament.



Consequently, earlier (who finished second in the league and 5th-6th in the play-offs the season 34) will certainly not be participating in the upcoming season. ForZe, who contended in ESL Pro league S11 and also last competed in MDL in season 32, have been invited to change them.

Relegation Springs Surprises — Riders and also Heretics down, AVEZ, Nexus and mystery up

The Relegation Play-Offs, which pit the bottom 4 sides from the ahead season versus the #2–5 political parties from advanced and 4 national champion from the Climber Cup, took ar in mid-August. Three qualification spots to be on sell to join sAw in season 35, the Portuguese next qualifying instantly as the winners of progressed season 34.

French side Heretics, who merged the relegation play-offs with completing in ESL One Cologne, to be my choose to go up, having actually qualified v the Climber Cup v a significantly greater ranking than the various other teams in it. However a shock loss to Unicorns the Love sent out them into the losers’ bracket, and despite acquisition out 9ine in a 30th ring decider in the semi-finals, they lost in the last after a poor start ~ above both halves of third map Inferno.

Despite a bad regular season 34, and also the roster lock an interpretation that they could not use their newest signings, Movistar Riders have been continuously ranked in the height 40 on HLTV and also were among the favourites to survive the Relegation competition and also defend your spot in MDL. But a loss to AVEZ placed them in the reduced bracket, and also after CeX forfeited your match, Riders to be dumped the end by mystery 2–0, though through their brand-new roster they should be a danger in progressed next season should they compete.

mens and also pro100 show up to have disbanded complying with the regular season, and forfeited both your matches in the Relegation play-offs. Time will certainly tell even if it is they will re-form and play in Advanced. With Unicorns that Love also going out (despite beating Heretics in the upper bracket semi), this means that all 4 sides who finished in the relegation areas of last season’s MDL were relegated.

Romanian side Nexus, that earned your spot in Relegation as the #4 team in Advanced, came back from a map down to to win CeX and then, after ~ mens forfeited, win the various other Germans in the bracket, Unicorns the Love, making them the first team promoted through the play-offs.

AVEZ have been a continuous fixture in tier 2 cups such together Nine come Five and Malta Vibes recently, and have been rising through the rankings this year. Invite to Relegation as Polish champions via the Climber Cup, lock beat Tikitakan, Movistar Riders and 9ine to end up being the 3rd Polish next in MDL.

The last team to acquire promoted, v the losers’ bracket, was Secret. 3rd in Advanced, they had to carry out it the hard means after losing to Heretics in their opened match-up. But after pro100 forfeited, lock took under Unicorns the Love and Movistar Riders there is no dropping a map, and also took your revenge top top Heretics in the last to finish the season 35 line-up.

Better 보다 Ever

Season 34 was a “training season”, where locations in the Global difficulty are not available. This, combined with the withdrawal of Spirit and Japaleno, may define why the lower-quality sides in the organization performed so poorly, with only 8 wins between the bottom 3 sides all season. With all three changed by higher-ranked teams, we can expect a closer struggle for position in the league.

Most MDL teams have gone up in the rankings since season 34’s start (most especially Nemiga climbing native #55 to #28) but as well as that the start-of-season rankings are much closer together. S34 began with 5 unranked sides, S35 has none; the lowest-ranked team in the vain is Team singularity (#87), and much more than half the teams space in the HLTV peak 50. No that they deserve to expect that to conserve them — pro100 started season 34 in ~ #49, but ended the season in critical place, with only two wins.

Individual groups Preview

With four new teams authorized us, four teams leaving the league, and multiple groups making roster alters in bespeak to see improvements, the dynamic of the league has actually shifted dramatically due to the fact that the off-season. V that in mind, let’s failure each team’s chances, beginning with the groups that did well last season and ending with the new teams.

The below is just my opinion; ns expect some of the below will no happen, in fact I hope it doesn’t! I would certainly love to it is in proven wrong. That is much more exciting the way, when a surprise underdog topples a titan.

The big Boys (Last Season’s Play-Off Returners)




Finish last season: 1st (6th in organization play)

Sprout come into MDL Season 35 off a stunning run at ESL One Cologne, whereby they arrived together rank underdogs but saw off both their local rivals, large and OG, prior to unfortunately gaining swept by Vitality in the quarter-finals. Dropping AWPer oskar previously in the year and also moving to an global line-up featuring 2 Poles appears to have helped Sprout come progress; but there is always the are afraid of inconsistency.

Their play-off form last season was much better than their league play, wherein they suffered losses come Endpoint, GamerLegion and alternate Attax; moreover, they also come into this season off the earlier of a shock 3–1 loss versus AGO in the Season 33 final. Nevertheless, that is daunting to write off this team offered their potential; listed they can make the play-offs I fully expect them to difficulty for the location again.

Prediction for this season: grand Finalists



Finish critical season: 2nd (1st in organization play)

Consistently ranked in HLTV’s height 30, Nemiga are a very challenging side come crack. Watch unstoppable throughout the consistent league season, they shed to Sprout in the play-offs — double (1–2 in the upper bracket final and 0–3 in the grand final), perhaps suggesting that their finest of 3s are a weaker spot.

They come within a couple of rounds of stunning NaVi at cs_summit 6 and also their best obstacle recently was protests in Belarus that resulted in the momentary shutdown of the country’s internet. Unless a optimal side poaches among their players Nemiga are hot favourites to conquer the vain again.

Prediction for this season: cool Finalists

Alternate ATTAX

Finish last season: third (5th in organization play)

ATTAX joined the MDL together the #1 finishers in advanced season 33 and also looked appropriate at residence immediately, acquisition the scalps the Sprout and also Nemiga in league play before eking out a losers’ bracket collection over Endpoint come secure 3rd place in the play-offs.

In the run-up come the player rest they looked to it is in a kind side, including beating Endpoint double in 12 hrs to win Malta Vibes 2 and en course to the semis of nine to 5 1, but due to the fact that then your results have tapered turn off a little, with a 9th-12th complete in nine to 5 2 at the begin of august their most recent tournament result. Hopefully the Germans can come earlier from the player rest refreshed.

Prediction because that this season: Play-Offs

Endpoint CeX

Finish last season: 4th (4th in organization play)

When I originally wrote this article, Endpoint were my pick to push on from last season’s 4th place and also fight for a ar in the Global an obstacle (and no just because I’m a fan). While periodically inconsistent, they’ve been making a most progress together a team this year and upset foolish Lions at Dreamhack open up after narrowly losing to people #1 large Clan. But a recent report that entry fragger Thomas will certainly leave to sign up with EnVy puts the UK roster in a an extremely different scenario. Instead of a player in ~ short notice is an overwhelming enough yet finding a suitable replacement because that their top player stats-wise will be very difficult indeed.

Much is walking to depend on that that fifth player is and how conveniently they can integrate him into their plans. (Current rumour has it they will be making a 1:1 replacement v Israeli youngster and FPL challenger FlameZ, last watched subbing because that Singularity, joining together a stand-in.) offered the quality on the roster, they should be a kind bet to do the play-offs again — yet they can not afford to lose too plenty of matches at an early stage in the season while castle bed in a brand-new player.

Prediction for this season: Play-Offs

FATE Esports

Finish last season: 5th-6th (7th in league play)

FATE have been repeatedly bubbling under in 2020. They uncovered a play-off berth last season, and underwent a roster revamp in June that had parting methods with their coach, a relocate that seems to have uncovered them success, v qualification because that cs_summit 6 (even if they finished the occasion in critical place) and also a run to the final of Malta Vibes 3, wherein they lost to Illuminar. If lock can uncover consistent form and stop the type of failure that experienced them fall points near the finish of last season, they have actually every opportunity of surprising.

Prediction for this season: Play-Offs


Finish critical season: 7th-8th (8th in organization play)

The HellRaisers surname conjures up pictures of few of their good sides that old, but in recent background the organisation has cycled with a lot of names (some that whom have gone on come find good success elsewhere) without lot to present for it. Recent form has been better, with decent outcomes in tier 2 tournaments and also local qualifying events, but without any kind of stand-out performances to point to. As a an outcome they room my pick to be a surprise drop right into the relegation play-offs yet I expect they will have sufficient quality and experience to survive them regardless.

Prediction because that this season: Relegation (but endure in play-offs)

Actina PACT

Finish critical season: 7th-8th (3rd in league play)

In numerous ways the antithesis the Sprout, PACT’s best of 1 kind was great and castle were best in the hunt for the top play-off seed until the final couple of weeks, but they went the end of the play-offs there is no a win, suffering defeats to FATE and also fellow Poles AGO. They have not made any kind of roster changes, i m sorry should typical they deserve to maintain their kind from critical season, but they may also struggle to boost relative to the teams about them.

Recent matches have seen them narrowly miss out ~ above a place at IEM new York at the last hurdle, acquisition out the highly-rated Heretics prior to losing to OG. Lock have likewise failed to do the play-offs that the Malta Vibes tournaments in 4 attempts, so consistently developing their best kind will be key.

Prediction because that this season: Mid-table (outside that relegation and the play-offs, invited back for season 36)

The Survivors: critical Season’s Mid-Table


Finish critical season: 9th

Norway’s finest have invested 2020 transitioning to an worldwide roster, v Estonian HS joining Dane Tenzki top top the team. They narrowly missed out on the play-offs ~ above head-to-head record last season; castle have because benched NaToSaphiX because that “philosophical reasons” rather than power ones (the Dane was consistently among their far better performers), and also signed H4RR3 and also fellow Estonian FeJtz.

Having winner Malta Vibes 1 before the change, Nordavind have stumbled slightly since, falling come a 0–3 record in ripe to 5 3 and also a ideal finish the 3rd-4th at Malta Vibes 5. They have to be safe from relegation provided their form last season, but are i can not qualify to trouble the height teams without improvement.

Prediction because that this season: Mid-table


Finish critical season: 11th

Everyone’s fifth-favourite Danish side had actually a solid close to their season last year, threatening to take a play-off spot, however fell short and also finished in mid-table instead — tho a hard result.

Unfortunately since then they have actually suffered some roster turmoil, with two football player leaving to form part that the brand-new Copenhagen Flames roster, and results with miscellaneous stand-ins (including coach Casle) have actually been mixed; though recent highlights, consisting of victories over AVEZ and also Izako Boars, will give fans hope. Ns think this will certainly be a challenging season for the Danes, unfortunately.

Prediction because that this season: Relegation to Advanced

Wisla Krakow

Finish last season: 12th

As it is with selfhood and Denmark, so the is through Wisla and also Poland. Critical season’s roster, spearheaded by an excellent performances indigenous AWPer hades2k, improved on season 33 by avoiding the relegation play-offs entirely. They have actually subsequently traded the underperforming fanatyk for ponczek, and a superb run to the final of ripe to five 3 saw them take out MIBR and also North in large upsets.

While they may absence the status of other Polish sides, over there is good potential in this roster, so i’m backing lock to endure again — and also given recent form, a play-off complete can’t be the end of the inquiry either.

Prediction because that this season: Mid-table


Finish critical season: 13th

GamerLegion competed last season with an unofficial global roster, consisting of two Brits, two Swedes and also a Serb; enduring the season made up a good success, with rifler mezii a certain highlight, and also they were consequently officially announced in the summer. Performances since their main signing in the summer have been positive, including a run to the quarter-finals at Malta Vibes 5, despite throwing far a 14–5 command — and potential 2–0 win — versus Alternate ATTAX at ripe to 5 2, and subsequently going under on a 3rd map, was a vast missed opportunity. While a danger to anyone on your day, the tougher opposition castle will face this season may prove come be their downfall.

Prediction for this season: Relegation (but endure play-offs)

Guess Who’s back (Returners)


Finish last season: n/a (competed in ESL Pro league S11)

A late addition, forZe were invite to bring the league earlier up come 18 teams adhering to the loss of ago and Spirit. (They last competed in Season 32, qualifying for ESL Pro league through the an international Challenge). ForZe have had an inconsistent 2020, dropping in the rankings native a high the #13 to just inside the optimal 30, but their results due to the fact that the player break have shown an excellent promise, many notably eliminating spirit at Dreamhack open Summer and also winning Malta Vibes 6 and 9, making lock the highest-ranked next in the league at #24 as things stand. They will be heavy favourites to execute well and anything other than a run deep right into the play-offs will certainly be taken into consideration a major disappointment because that the CIS squad.

Prediction for this season: Play-offs (semi-finalists)

Galaxy Racer

Finish last season: N/A (3rd in S33 play-offs, 5th in S33 organization play)

The Dubai-based org picked up the sweden Japaleno roster in between season 33 (where castle finished 3rd in the play-offs) and also season 35, through the team deciding not to get involved in season 34.

Recent outcomes have had a operation to the semi-finals at Malta Vibes 7 and also a play-off illustration at nine to 5 3. The pieces space there because that the Swedes to placed together an additional surprise organization run; ns think it may be just past them this season yet there is every reason to intend a bright future because that the team.

Prediction because that this season: Mid-table

The new Boys (Promoted Teams)


Finish critical season: 1st in Advanced

sAw have been on a mighty run due to the fact that forming at the begin of the year. They winner the Open league in April, and also followed it up by winning advanced last month, regardless of a slight stumble in the play-offs against Secret, whilst also taking season 5 of Portugal’s understand League and beating Movistar Riders in the Iberian Qualifier because that Dreamhack open Summer. There might still be development to make for this roster, however a run right into the play-offs cannot be ruled the end for a next that has consistently defied expectations.

Prediction because that this season: Play-offs


Finish last season: third in Advanced

Another polish side grounding in the zero of an ext illustrious counterparts, AVEZ have actually used the summer month while other teams space taking a player break to make an excellent progress, rising to their present high of #32 in the HLTV rankings and also making strong showings in ~ the Malta Vibes and also Nine to 5 tournaments. Due to the fact that the finish of critical season castle have added byali ~ above a irreversible basis, and the knowledgeable ex-Virtus agree rifler has been key to their effective run. AVEZ room one to keep an eye on for sure and also should definitely challenge for the play-offs.

Prediction because that this season: Play-offs


Finish critical season: fourth in Advanced

Romanian next Nexus to be a surprise entrant into MDL Relegation, acquisition a 4th place spot in advanced many supposed to walk to among the league’s much more established teams. Play-offs came shortly after LDLC eliminated them from nine to 5 1 v an 0–3 record, yet Nexus picked the best time to peak.

In the advanced play-offs lock beat Winstrike, take it revenge on LDLC, and also gained qualification because that Relegation despite a defeat to eventual winners saW. They complied with this increase by beating CeX and Unicorns the Love come qualify because that season 35 — and also pulling turn off an upset versus MAD Lions in the IEM brand-new York open up Qualifier. Their current victories will prove they are no pushovers, and while ns feel MDL might prove a bridge also far, they can hold their heads up high v what they have already achieved.

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Prediction because that this season: Relegation come Advanced


Finish last season: 3rd in Advanced

The critical team to sign up with MDL, mystery struggle to stand the end in plenty of respects. Lock don’t have a good history come defend, having actually only gotten in the CS:GO scene so late last year; nor perform they have actually a solid roster the has displayed unstoppable potential, with a variety of changes in 2020. What castle do have is a talent because that popping up at the appropriate time, not only avenging themselves on Heretics in the promo play-offs but likewise finishing 2nd (to the complexity juggernaut) in home Sweet home 4, and also since choose up Radifaction as a stand-in, they have made the quarter finals of nine to 5 1 and beat Dignitas in the FunSPARK Ulti Qualifier. I doubt they will trouble the play-offs but I mean them come offer sufficient to stop relegation as well.