How to do your own Jungle and Glowing Mushroom biomes in Terraria, both under and above ground.

There room not a ton of methods to affect which biomes populate your human being in Terraria, however it is feasible to manually add and prosper two the them. We"ll walk over what those biomes are and also how to create them in this guide.

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Both the Jungle and Glowing Mushroom biomes can be get an impression manually to customize your world and give it a little an ext pizazz, or to farm yard the biomes" distinct materials.

There room two techniques you can use to thrive either of these biomes, and also even one technique to flourish Corruption, Crimson, or Hallow the also allows you to eliminate them. We"ll enter that a bit more down.

How to develop a Jungle biology in Terraria

Every people generated in Terraria contends least one Jungle, yet maybe it"s not huge enough for your tastes or probably you simply want to have actually all those woodland biomes swallowed increase by the infinitely cooler and significantly riskier Jungle.

Whatever your reason, it"s one effort-intensive process to pull off. Though less so for Journey mode characters, i beg your pardon we"ll touch top top briefly as well.

To spread out or produce a tropical biome, you require two things:

80 MudA similar variety of Jungle Grass Seeds

Jungle Grass Seeds deserve to be derived by damaging plants growing in an already-established jungle biome. You only should run roughly swinging her weapon to ruin plants, but be mindful there is a mere 1/100 possibility a plant will certainly drop a jungle Grass Seed.


If you are playing a Journey mode character, you only need 25 tropical Grass seed to research and dupe the seeds infinitely.

Mud deserve to be found reasonably easily, either from a top Jungle biome or underground.

You"ll desire to place at least 80 mud tiles beside each various other over one expanse. If you"re beginning above ground, clear out any kind of trees in the area and also use the new tile swapping feature to easily swap the dirt v the dirt blocks you"ve accumulated.

From there, you choose your seeds and place them directly on the dirt to acquire the procedure started.

Now, it"s precious noting that jungle Grass diffusion at a price of 3 to 5 tiles per day. This way you do not require 80 tropical Grass seeds to gain started, specifically if you spread them out by a couple of tiles on the mud you"ve placed.

After a couple of days, the area you"ve covered will begin to transform into a jungle biome, Maneaters and also all.

As one aside, you have the right to place 80 Lihzahrd Bricks close to each other to generate Jungle biology enemies, without the plant life and also other aspects of the tropical biome.

Lihzahrd Bricks deserve to be discovered in jungle Temples and require one of the higher tier Hardmode pickaxes to destruction up, such as among the Luminite Pickaxe or Drill.

How to create a glowing Mushroom biology in Terraria

Creating a glowing Mushroom biology is very similar to creating a jungle biome, however most players will need to make a glowing Mushroom biology at one allude or another to gain the NPC Truffle to spawn.

As with developing a jungle biome, you"ll need:

80 MudA similar number of Mushroom Grass Seeds

Truffle calls for that you have actually an over ground glowing Mushroom biome, and that over there be a home available, prior to he will concerned your world and settle.

Mushroom Grass Seeds drop from the tree in a natural Glowing Mushroom biome underground, yet at the low opportunity of 1/40 plants.


It have the right to take part time to get enough seeds, however you do not require a full 80 as Mushroom Grass does spread out at a rate of three to five tiles per day.

Journey mode characters can simply collect 25 seeds, research, and also infinitely duplicate them to save some time.

As through the Jungle biology instructions above, clear out the trees over an 80-tile or more wide area and also replace all the dirt v mud blocks. Then, move over those tiles again put Mushroom Grass Seeds. After part time, they will prosper into a full-on biome.

You do not require a complete 80 seeds to obtain a glowing Mushroom biology started, as you have the right to spread them out across the mud you"ve placed and also let the grass spread naturally to create the biome.

How to make Jungle and Mushroom Biomes the Hardmode Way

You can completely use the over methods to develop your biomes earlier than Hardmode, however if you"re well right into a world and want to carry out it in an simpler way, there is an option.

The Steampunker NPC can move into one the your dwellings once you"ve defeated a mechanical boss and sells a nifty tool referred to as the Clentaminator because that a just 2 Silver.

The Clentaminator enables you to convert biomes into pick other biomes using solutions she sells. Though part solutions permit you to spread out or remove Corruption, Crimson, or Hallow; two details ones allow you to change tropical biomes into Glowing Mushroom or glow Mushroom biomes into Jungle.

If you have actually either a tropical or glow Mushroom biome you want to do various other things with, the Clentaminator will enable you to completely change that biome into the other. Snazzy, right!

The green Solution, which converts glow Mushroom biomes into Jungle biomes, can be purchased indigenous the Steampunker because that 25 Silver once she is in a Forest.

The Dark Blue Solution, which converts tropical biomes right into Glowing Mushroom biomes, can be bought indigenous Truffle because that 25 Silver. This calls for you have had to make an above ground glow Mushroom biology already.

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With Clentaminator and solutions in-hand, you can quickly bounce between Jungle and Glowing Mushroom biomes, must you want to. It converts a substantial area at a time, making the a fast option because that those well-into a world.


Hopefully, this overview helps girlfriend on her way, and also it"s not the just one. Girlfriend may uncover these two pretty useful: