To present a previous blog post click orTo switch between chat channels click → or ←Channel switch:/say (/s)/area (/а)/trade (/t)/party (/p)/raid (/ra) (/i)/whisper(/w) xxx- wherein xxx is a player name/n - notice message (can be offered only together a leader, have a unique sound upon sending out it)Example of an alert message:

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/friendlist /social - open up friend list/friend xxx /fr xxx - add a player with xxx name together a friend/block xxx - block a player through xxx name/unblock xxx - unblock a player with xxx name

/apply xxx – apply to a guild with xxx name/guildlist /glist - open "guilds ~ above server" window/ginvite xxx /guildinvite xxx – invite a player through xxx name to her guild/gquit /guildquit – leave a guild

/invite xxx /inv xxx - invite a player through xxx name to your group/drop - leave a team / raid/kick xxx - absent a player v xxx name/disband - disband a group/leаder xxx - offer a leader title to a player with xxx name

/lfg xxx (/u) - develop LFG (Looking because that Group) v xxx name

/duel xxx /challenge xxx - duel a player v xxx name/yield - surrender in a duel/follow xxx /f xxx : monitor a player with xxx name (must be in range)/roll x : role a arbitrarily number from 1 come 10/look xxx / check xxx: examine a player v xxx name

/hi /hello /wave //bow /greet /formal / happy /laugh /lol //sad /cry /sob //win /cheer /victory //dance //taunt /bringit /comeon //clap /applaud //beg /sorry /plead //think /ponder /hmm //love //charge /attack //point /there //shy /blush //mad /angry /anger //sit /

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Why to use?This role is very useful in a warmth of a fight, as soon as there is little to no time for sending a message in a chat, e.g., questioning for a rebuff.

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How come open?

1. Walk to choices (O) > Shortcuts > scroll under to UI category, you require Quick Chat.

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2. Assign it any type of hotkey you like (you additionally can use a combination of hotkeys, e.g., Shift+Q. Once done, click Apply and also Ok.

Warning: there is a pest when Quick Chathotkey it s okay reset. Together of today, there is no info on how to resolve it, so girlfriend will need to reassign hotkey again.

3. When everything is set, you can hold her Quick Chat hotkey to bring a home window with 4 dialog options. You deserve to see that on the snapshot below.

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How come configure?1. Walk to choices (O) > game > scroll under to rapid Mark and Combat Exclamation Setup2. Girlfriend will watch 4 text fields here. Rewrite anything girlfriend like and also save changes.3. As an example, i made 4 commands for myself

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