I"ve just recently started playing, and I"m one avid keybinder. I"ve correctly mounted Bartinder, my choose bar addon, but it does not plug in correctly or something along those lines. Therefore I"m simply wondering where have the right to I discover the "bar" or "button" that that little special clues stealth lies in, come keybind it? I appreciate any aid given, many thanks in advance guys.

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I don"t know the exact name the the bar, if it has one, however you could likewise drag the stealth switch out of your spellbook (P) to any type of other switch on the bar - unless that to be not possible back in the version.
most likely there is no way to bind it directly but correct me if I"m wrong, but the different mentioned over is the easiest and common means to attend to binding stealth/stances/shapeshift buttons.pick a spot on her actionbars, drag the assignment on it and also bind it. I"d indicate hiding the initial Stealth/Stance Buttons after ~ doing so, so the you don"t have those spells multiple times visible.Tip: girlfriend can additionally do that through a "hidden bar", keybinds do occupational on bars which are hidden.

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I use bartender2 as well, you can bind the stealth bar in the keybinds alternatives in the menu. Ns think it"s dubbed something like "Special ActionBar" however I"m in ~ work and can"t examine at the moment.

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