Dig a hole wherein the shepherd"s hook will certainly stay, mix up part cement and pour in hole, a pair inches to speak 3 or 4 inches from the top and then sink the shepherd"s hook in;. Let dried totally, at the very least 24 hours. Sheathe the cement through topsoil or mulch and also throw grass seed, or plant seed, or just every little thing you choose. The shepherd"s hook will stay anchored.

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mary Gendron on Jun 22, 2017
I"ve obtained an easier solution. Mine son had weights indigenous bar bell equipment. Lock all have holes in the center to fit on the bar. They haven"t been supplied in years, and also taking increase room. My husband currently uses them to organize tent poles in place, wherein he placed up a tarp. He stacked a bunch and inserted the pole. It"s no going anywhere. Your plant hanger can fit other similar, and also you have the right to move that or take it it in during the winter. Years earlier we had actually some old hefty lamp that had marble basses. (They to be the ugliest lamps I ever before saw). At some point we took them apart and now piece of the lamp are in our flower garden. They likewise had holes in them and the load keeps the the pots from tipping over. You can probably find comparable idets in ~ flea sectors or garden sales. Great luck.
Kristy Champion top top Sep 09, 2018

I"m having this trouble now. All these suggestions have actually been really helpful! ns might try the concrete, but that"s scary since it would be difficult to "undo" if I changed my mental on location. Love the weights idea. Was utilizing a huge rock come prop it in direction the falls, but then the just fell in another direction. Seems I"m cursed! :-)

Carol Gonzales ~ above Apr 09, 2019

I’m thinking of to buy a couple of resin pots and using cement in the pots to anchor the hooks, ns will have the ability to move the pots where I want, i’m hoping they will be heavy enough that wind won’t punch them over, even thinking of only putting cement in fifty percent the pot and soil in the other fifty percent but not sure about draining after watering

Beth on might 04, 2019

Sue, you can stick your shephard"s hook in a little bucket that quikrete and then plant the bucket. The combination of the quikrete and its being planted will save it upright, and also it won"t be that much trouble to destruction it up and move it need to you select to carry out so.

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James Brewer on Jun 23, 2019

I journey 2 2x2 stakes, one ~ above either side of the mast the the shepherd"s hook, and also then used heavy duty zip ties to keep it all in line. It has been like that for several years and also not fallen end again.

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