How come install salts on KODI (Stream all the Sources) status: DEAD

SALTS (Stream All The Sources) is a movie / TV Shows 3rd party add-on because that KODI / SPMC. Produced by TKNORRIS, scrapes through various sources in bespeak to get the most possible results. Also has some progressed features favor Debrid and Trakt support, subtitles and more.

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This is a 3rd party add-on that is not sustained by the Kodi Team.


SALTS add-on advanced configuration:

Auto-Configure SALTS

Select SettingsSelect Auto-Configure SALTSYou will now see a list of every the features that the auto-configure setup changes. Every the setups are confirm by default but you can deselect any of the transforms that you don’t desire to adjust but for many users I would certainly recommend just leaving it as it isSelect ContinueWait for Auto-Configure Complete notification

Setup Real Debrid in SALTS

Open SALTSSelect SettingsSelect URL Resolver SettingsSelect Universal ResolversSet Priority come something lower than 100, for example 80Select (Re)Authorize mine AccountSelect Allow once asked if you would prefer to authorise the Exodus add-onSelect OK Select Add-on SettingsSelect Source SortingSet 1st Sort key to Debrid & first Sort key Order to Best to WorstSet second Sort an essential to Quality & second Sort key Order come Best to WorstSelect OK

Setup Trakt in SALTS:

Open SALTSSelect SettingsSelect Authorize salt to accessibility my accountYou will acquire a pop-up questioning you come visit a Trakt URL and also enter a PINEnter the PIN and also authorize Trakt.tvSelect OK

Setup Subtitles in SALTS:

Open SALTSSelect Add-on SettingsSelect SubtitlesSelect Enable subtitlesSelect OKSubscribe to NotificationsOpt-out indigenous NotificationsLooks favor you have actually blocked notifications!

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