So, i don"t have a an excellent pc. And also because the that, my computer was struggling to run Subnautica, and i finished the video game with a framework rate the 15-20 frames per second.

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But, i"ve uncovered ways to improve frame rate for complimentary and ns am here to present them come you!

I"ve regulated to get from 20 FPS come 50 FPS!

Which is a much better experience.

Step 1: Lowering the Rezolution

This have the right to be excellent in the choices menu!

Just open it, click General.

And now, change your resolution! but be careful, part resolutions look negative so use the people that have actually a star beside them!

Like so:


I readjusted mine indigenous 1920x1080 come 1280x720

Step 2: Overclocking

Now, this might sound a little bit dodgy yet i can assure you, that it will certainly not damage your GPU.

First the all, install MSI afterburner, or any kind of other overclocking software.

Now, open up it up.

This is what you"ll see:


Ok now you desire to max out the sliders, exept for the pan speed. And also click the tick!


If you desire to readjust your voltage settings, perform it, personally i don"t mess through it because i have actually a low watt strength supply. Heres exactly how you have the right to do it, Click The cog and also you need to see this:


Check that box and you"re great to go!

Step 3: reduced the Details and also turn turn off effects.

This have the right to be done from the choices menu, by clicking Graphics. Put every one of them come low and turn turn off anti-aliasing and bloom and you need to be great to go!

Step 4: reap much more frames!

I hope this quide has been advantageous to you and you now have actually a playable experience!

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peeper leviathan

Sidenote: Overclocking needs a an excellent motherboard.

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Kep writer

Reply to: デニス

maybe because of the power supply?

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peeper leviathan

Reply to: デニス

Oh shit. Yes That"s probably it.

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Kep author

Reply to: peeper leviathan

glad i could help!

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