The Queen’s Gardens is in the western part of Hallownest and also is filled v Mantis Traitors and also thorns. This is where you find half of the Kingsoul native the White Lady, 3 Grubs in very complicated places and the Love key for the City that Tears.

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If you’re entering indigenous the Fog Canyon head to the left, down and also then come the right. Make your way around to uncover the Map Maker who’ll give you the map for this area. There’s likewise a Bench in this area.

To gain to the Love Key you’ll need to open the gate listed below the passage where you walk to discover Cornifer. To do it to the lever you’ll need to make a couple of tricky jumps approximately some thorns. As soon as the door is opened you can make your way down and to the ideal to the Love Key.

From the Love vital head every the way to the left for the following Bench. You’ll must dodge past a number of Mantis Traitors if jumping from platform to platform over a cavern of thorns. The path down close to the Bench leads to Deepnest.

From the Bench walk right and also take the next departure up. There’s a Grub just above but you’ll should go left first, up and then with a mystery to the right to uncover it.

Just above is the Stag Station yet it’s locked native this side. You’ll need to make your way up and also around to the left. When you’re at the far western finish break the roof above and jump up between the spikes come the second Grub. Fall down and also make your means down and to the left to satisfy a dream boss.



Marmu is a really strange creature and also only has one attack. He’ll hurl himself at you yet can be batted far by making use of your nail. Keep hitting him like a balloon till he’s defeated. Speak with him again to it is in rewarded v 150 Essence.

Just come the right is a passage leading to the Stag Station in this area. If this is the last Stag station talk to the Stag and also he’ll market to take you to the Stag Nest where you can discover a Vessel Shard.

The last Grub is discovered by jumping your method to the an extremely top of the Queen’s Gardens. This grub is probably the most complicated in the video game to reach. You’ll have to use the at sight dash a few times while preventing the spikes below. Use Vengeful soul to kill the Mossfly that room hovering about in the path of her dash.

Traitor Lord


The Traitor mr is uncovered in the peak left next of the map. You’ll need to have the the shade Cloak before you deserve to reach him. After ~ the latest update this boss has actually been buffed, making the a far more challenging challenge.

The Traitor Lord has 800 health and 2 melee and 2 ranged attacks. The melee attacks are a dash towards you and a jumping dive diagonally in your direction. The ranged attacks are the dance Glaive where 2 orange blades go zigzagging towards you and a radiant Wave whereby shockwaves rise up and also quickly move towards you. The only method to protect against them is v shadow dash through them.

The Traitor Lord’s attacks and body contact all reason 2 clues of damage, make this fight much more difficult. His strikes are additionally so conveniently that your shade cloak won’t have time come recharge before he dashes in ~ you again. Your ideal chance is to hit the once and then jump end him.

Once he’s been defeated you’ll be given access to the White Lady. After talk to she she’ll offer you one half of the Kingsoul. You’ll require this fifty percent and the other fifty percent from the White royal residence to get in the Birthplace.

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Delivering the vulnerable Flower

If you want the extra Mask Shard head back to the resting Grounds and also speak come the Grey Mourner. She will offer you a flower to deliver to a grave in the Queen’s Gardens. If you take it damage and also lose the flower don’t problem as you can always come earlier and get one more one. Usage a Dream Gate exterior the Grey Mourner’s house so you can easily teleport back. After carrying the flower come ago to the Grey Mourner for her reward.