as soon as players with High location in Monster Hunter World, they can change pigment of their armor to any kind of color, but there is an unlockable rainbow pigment.

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monster hunter civilization pigment screen
Armor customization is a vital part of Monster Hunter and also whether players are personalizing their armor for stats or purely because that appearance, over there is a customization choice in Monster Hunter World that players might not recognize exists. The is possible to unlock a rainbow pigment, that once selected, renders the armor piece in inquiry slowly shift between different colors. That takes a bit of initiative to unlock, however, yet here is how to do so.

Unlocking general Armor Pigments

to unlock the capability to readjust the shade of one"s armor, players will an initial need to with high rank. To reach high rank, the quest called "A Colossal Task" must be completed. This pursuit will involve a hunt versus Zorah Magadros. Once the quest is completed, players will officially be in high rank and also unlock the capability to change the shade of their armor. However, armor acquired in short rank can not be pigmented, so players will have to craft brand-new armor sets through high-rank materials. The component of the armor that will certainly be pigmented changes on the armor. Over there isn"t one in-depth color customization system, yet there is a vast selection of color to pick from indigenous the get-go v the rainbow pigment being the just one that demands to be unlocked.

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perfect the Optional Quests

come unlock the rainbow pigment, football player will need to complete every one to eight star optional quest. Lock will likewise need to finish every assigned quest and the 9 star optional quest "A light Upon the River"s Gloom," which is the optional fight versus the final boss that Monster Hunter World. It have to be noted that there space two assigned searches that come after ~ the last boss.

football player will have to reach HR 29 to unlock the an initial and HR 49 come unlock the second. When every optional search of a details star rank is completed, one orange sign saying "completed" will certainly be posted next to the stars prior to selecting a quest. If that sign is blue, then every search currently obtainable to the player has been completed, but there are much more within the rank that have actually not however been unlocked.

There room a few things to take into consideration if the blue "completed" authorize keeps popping up. The very first is come make sure that the unique arena quests are available. The special arena quests are searches that revolve in and also out that involve fighting one details monster in the distinct arena. These quests execute not show up unless the monster in question has actually been captured.

monster hunter civilization optional quest screen
not every monster has a distinct arena quest, however. The people that do are: Pukei-Pukei, Barroth, Tobi-Kadachi, Anjanath, Radobaan, Rathian, Paolumu, Rathalos, Diablos, Odogaron, Legiana, Uragaan, Pink Rathian, Azure Rathalos, and Black Diablos. Any kind of monster that has actually both high rank and low-rank forms will have actually two special arena quests that have to be completed. That way that both the low and high-rank variation of the monster will have to be captured.

A 2nd thing to consider is the quests given by NPCs in both Astera and also the study Base count in the direction of the total. Football player will want to make certain they speak to anyone in the hubs that have actually a ! above their head come make sure no searches are missing. Some pursuits are also locked behind turning in deliveries at the research study center, so make certain to keep on height of those as well. 2 optional quests are locked behind monster research. Football player will must reach a four-star research level through at least 15 monster in the video game to unlock both. The just 8 star and below optional quests that execute not must be completed are the ones special Lunastra and also Deviljho together they were not initially in the basic game.

monster hunter civilization white winds the the new world

The White Winds the the brand-new World

when players have completed every the above requirements, the command in Astera will offer them a new quest called "The White Winds of the brand-new World." In this quest, players have actually 25 minute to hunt a Legiana, Odgaron, Diablos, and Rathalos in the unique Arena. They have decreased health come compensate for the decreased time limit and also overall number of monsters forced to complete the hunt.

as soon as this pursuit is completed, players will unlock the rainbow colours which have the right to be accessed indigenous the bottom that the standard pigment menu. Store in mind, if a player joins another player that is hosting the "The White Winds that the brand-new World," however has no yet unlocked the search for themselves, they will certainly not receive the rainbow pigment upon completion.

Monster Hunter: World is now obtainable on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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Source: Monster Hunter: civilization Wiki

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