After beating Misty in the Cerulean Gym, you’ll want to cure up your Pokémon at the Pokémon Center, if necessary, and then do your method to the residence in the northeastern component of city that was blocked by a police officer.

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You’ll currently see a Squirtle operation off through the officer’s Poké Ball, forcing she to follow after it and also stop guarding the entrance to the home that was broken into, leave you cost-free to enter.

Inside the house, you’ll notification it’s a wreck, and your partner Pokémon will investigate the home until it finds part berries in a basket, which distracts the attention. It climate finds a gigantic hole in the next of the house.

By talk to the human being inside, you’ll discover that your TM because that the move Dig to be stolen by Team Rocket. Head outside and also you’ll discover the Team Rocket Grunt responsible for the rest in. Speak to him and also you’ll start a fight with him.

Trainer Battles
Team Rocket Grunt

Raticate ♂
Lv. 15

Raticate is an advanced Pokémon the is qualified of hitting reasonably hard, so watch out. It has actually Super Fang, which cut the target’s HP in fifty percent of everything it at this time is, and then also has Quick assault to monitor up with.

After beating the Team Rocket Grunt, he’ll return the TM the stole, offering you TM10 Dig prior to running off. Girlfriend don’t have actually to offer it ago to the guy inside the house; speak to him and he’ll speak you have the right to keep it.

Dig is a great TM for most Pokémon that deserve to learn it, as it’s a hard 80-power Ground-type move, and a surprising number of non-Ground-type Pokémon can learn it. Just keep in mind the it takes one revolve of digging underground, whereby the user in generally invulnerable, prior to the assault lands, for this reason you’ll have to time the right. Most of the time that isn’t an issue, though.

Your Pokémon might find a Razz Berry covert beneath the surrounding bench, so examine that out, and also then continue south, preventing the ledge that’s straight south and opting because that the fenced-in course instead.

Follow that route all the means until it transforms west, then keep adhering to the path, previous the ledges, to uncover a Burn Heal.

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Going additional south will certainly lead friend onto course 5, however your ideal bet is to hop down the ledges so girlfriend can accessibility the job of grass on the route that save Pokémon.