Brick wall surface is a badge the fluctuates substantially in performance from 2k to 2k. In 2k17 this badge to be literally S tier and when on hall of Fame would certainly knock a safety on his earlier every time that made contact. Luckily because that 2k22 brick wall is no on that level.

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Brick wall makes it tougher for the defense to gain through or about screens. Players hit by call from a Brick wall lose an ext energy than normal. At the room of fame level, this player to adjust vicious display screens in the park or blacktop

*Brick wall surface requires 6"5 or Taller
Bronze 156 internal Defense
Silver 376 inner Defense
Gold 588 internal Defense
Gold 490 internal Defense
HoF 695 interior Defense
HoF 597 inner Defense

To test Brick wall we ran a defender into a display 200 times at each badge level and recorded the percentage of tough screens compared to sliding turn off the screen and recording the amount of power lost through the person acquiring screened at each badge level.


Badge LevelHard ScreensSlips
Hall that Fame66%34%
Badge LevelEnergy shed per Screen
Hall of Fame10%

So execute I need Brick wall surface in 2k22 ?

If you"re a guard, no. Centers over 7"0 really don"t require it above silver either.

With the guards gift so little this year, body dimension differential alone is sufficient to collection an reliable screen. Over there are much better places to use protective points.

Recommended Level: Silver

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With the guards gift so tiny this year, body size differential alone is enough to collection an effective screen. There are better places come use protective points.

Recommended Level: Silver