The price that the elixir the the rapid mind is tanking on my server for some reason. Idk if it's because of items duplication or what? assumed they claimed it to be going to it is in not easily accessible anymore?


My theory is that many new players have actually just returned to BFA, some who haven't played since WoD, and also they have tiny gold and also are happy to sell an object that has actually increased 2-10x in value due to the fact that they last played.

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There space 2 possible scenarios which ns personally think the this elixir is not going increase in value:

Everyone is busy through the brand-new content, therefore there room less human being willing come level up your toons. Wait some much more weeks or months until the addon has totally settled and also people start to fixed level their toons. That would certainly be the perfect time for human being to obtain this item.


There is just no fast leveling technique anymore, for this reason that people don't wanna rubbish so lot gold on simply 15mins.I think if there was a leveling technique that human being can max the exp in ~ 15mins. Climate it wouldve had some an ext utility.

you also have to think about the expense of tokens going under = the worth of yellow in relation to $ has gone up. And also you deserve to buy a 110 because that $60. Suspect the old price that 100k every elixir, civilization might consider, \"why invest $15 worth of yellow on this small boost the lasts for just a quick time and a short length the levels when I have the right to spend a bit more and just go directly to 110. Ns guess what I'm speak is the higher the price that the elixir the lower it's demand since it has a direct correlation in worth to the immediate 110 boost. (I agree v both of her points, I just think the token price is secondary factor)

In an answer to 2, this are really effective still if you have two accounts, a friend, or execute pet battles. Dungeon completion bonuses job-related well while keeping the character logged off till he very end. There are dungeons every the way up to 100 you can do this v that are fast enough that friend will most likely hit the circumstances cap and also have to take it breaks. I leveled an allied race and also it was about 1 medicine per development bracket via this method. I additionally heard v the account vast pet battle quests you deserve to just turn in on your alt through the potion and also only require a couple to go the whole way to 100.

Get to brand-new bracket, finish full pursuit log (multiple area as needed), drink pot. Revolve in all quests. Need to work, right?

General rule: Old world items decrease in price during new content cycles and increase in price during content droughts.

People are busy in bfa leveling 110-120 and also experiencing the max level content. When that it s okay old, they generally will level reduced level toons and also go ago to the old world.

The rule uses to practically every collectible and old people item.

and yes, during new content inexperienced players return and dump your items.

Finally, one more factor is gold has actually simply increased in purchase power because BFA. We space experiencing enormous deflation that has lowered the price of many items.

There's just no allude in buying them anymore. Provides sense because that the price come tank through tokens so cheap.

What benefit does the potion yes, really offer as soon as anybody deserve to drop a profession ideal now and pick up Herbalism to farm yard 500k in a day and a half? That's sufficient to transform token to bnet balance and buy a rise outright. You'd be far better off spending any type of gold you'd invest on one Elixir towards that expense. Time is money, and also you'll farm the 500k faster than you'll level a new toon.

Buy some? climate sell as soon as zandalari trolls and also the kul'tirans drop and also people are obtaining exalted.

It to be a drop indigenous the WoD Christmas event, yet was removed. I'm not sure there was ever before a blue write-up as I believe most farmer just uncovered it once no one obtained it together a drop. It took countless by surprise (all the yellow farmers placed out your videos on farming it) and also their price virtually doubled (or more) top top every server soon as people bought the end all the stock.

I don't know that there to be a post about it, there's just no brand-new elixir that the fast mind being created (removed native garrison missions (?) and also winter veil) for this reason they're nice expensive.

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