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We every love Comedy World, however it's been gotten rid of from GoAnimate/Vyond and also GoAnimate4Schools.

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Or has actually It???
Yep, there is tho a way To acquire Comedy World back on all Goanimate Websites now I'm Gonna display You how To obtain Comedy world Back, and Some other Old Themes
Step: 1
Go on to The Google Chrome internet Store and Search "Requestly" and also Click ~ above Requestly, Than include it To your Google Chrome
Step: 2
After you perform that, click the weird feather blue arrowhead thing below.
Step: 3
Click ~ above The Plus and Than Click change Host, name it whatever You Want
Now This is where Things start to obtain a little Hard
Where it says Replace, Put among These Things
/.**/ or
/.**/ to Replace company Friendly v The Old Theme
/.**/ or
/.**/ To change Whiteboard Animations through The Old Theme
/.**/ or
/.**/To Replace video Infographics through The Old Theme for Comedy World for Lil Peepz because that Anime because that Cartoon Classics for Stick Figure for Chibi Peepz because that Lil Petz people for 2012 election ( go Not occupational Please resolve It) 2 parts. Comedy in whiteboard, usual in info graphics. Yet common go not have actually chars due to the fact that there's old ingredient inside.
Then copy this code:
var character = "adam"; // adjust to "adam", "bob" , "eve" , or "rocky" depending upon who you want to begin with.
id: "char_creator",
swf: "",
height: 600,
width: 960,
align: "middle",
allowScriptAccess: "always",
allowFullScreen: "true",
wmode: "transparent",
hasVersion: "10.3",
flashvars: "apiserver":"","m_mode":"school","bs":character,"isLogin":"Y","isEmbed":"0","ctc":"go","tlang":"en_US","storePath":"","clientThemePath":"","appCode":"go","page":"","siteId":"go","userId":"00EDZP3Cu0aw","themeId":"family","ut":30);
Custom Themes

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Than Click Save
Now every You gained to Do currently is walk on to You're Goanimate Account, click on The theme You replaced With The Old Theme
And There, You gained That Old Theme