In Pokémon Sun and Moon, there room several well-known Pokémon the aren’t naturally discovered in the Alola region, including yet not minimal to Charmander, Squirtle and also Bulbasaur.

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However, the doesn’t average you don’t have actually a possibility to record them.

How To catch Rare Pokémon

Step 1: Progress in the video game far sufficient that you unlock the QR Scanner option in the menu, which doesn’t take that long at all.

Step 2: When everything’s set up, scan 10 Pokémon QR codes to acquire the ability Island Scan.

Each Pokémon has a distinctive QR code, and also that contains the glowing versions. Because that example, a Rowlet will have actually a different code indigenous a shiny Rowlet.

Remember, you can only scan 10 times per day, and that means you can use Island Scan only as soon as a job too.

Note: If you’re having trouble finding sufficient QR codes to scan, there’s a massive collection end at Imgur that you can use.

However, in instance that gets pulled down, part Pokémon Sun and Moon players have reported the scanning any kind of kind that QR code will likewise work.

Step 3: Use the Island Scan ability to locate a rare Pokémon the isn’t normally seen in the Alola region, and that consists of Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur or any kind of other Pokémon from the an initial generation and up.


(Photo : The Pokémon Company)

Step 4: Head come the ar of the Pokémon that Island Scan found. Take keep in mind you have actually only one hour to walk there and also encounter it prior to it disappears.

On peak of that, you’ll just come throughout it ONCE. If it runs away or if girlfriend accidentally defeat it, you’re walking to need to wait until the following day to try your luck again, and also that’s since you can scan just 10 QR codes and also use Island Scan once a day, as stated earlier.

Step 5: Needless come say, just repeat actions 1 come 4 until you obtain the Pokémon you want.

Now, uneven you’re really lucky, it’s going to take it a lot of patience until the Island Scan feature will situate the precise Pokémon you’re looking for, yet as everyone deserve to imagine, it’s precious it.

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