since 1.9, watercrafts can supposedly deliver two entities... I can not for the life of me obtain my horse into the boat.

Can it be done? If yes how? What about a donkey?If not, which pets can be transported, which have the right to not?


You can get both inside.

Find/breed a infant horse/donkey

Push it into the boat

Stuff it with apples come grow

Tame it

Put a chest and/or a saddle on it

Enjoy her ride!


I introduce you usage a cause tie your horse and ride the watercraft like in this picture:

Don"t worry around the lead, as long as you space in the boat.

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I don"t want to offer out misinformation together I don"t have any type of proof the Mojang deliberately removed mobs entering boats, therefore I"ve eliminated the update ar of this answer.

Additional proof that this is, in fact, replicable in 1.16+


Get lock close come the boat and also walk right into them repetitively to "push" them towards it. It could be less complicated if you usage a lead on them and guide them directly into it, though.


Make the watercraft stuck so the doesn’t relocate then push it right into the boat. Finest if you trap boat in a 2x2 and also walk top top the watercraft with the bring about the various other side of wherein the steed is to lead it in.


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