Having a laptop offers you the liberty to work-related from any location. That can help easily access information also while ~ above the move. Because that you to reap this device, it has to role problem.

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Sometimes a laptop might encounter various problems that you must know how to deal with to gain using it. Among the far-reaching issues that you may confront is the strength jack no working. This have the right to make it impossible to charge the laptop. Fortunately, you can fix this if the DC jack is linked via a cable connector. Remove the power jack indigenous its socket and place it ago as you applying pressure. Apart from ensuring the the power jack does no move, friend can also consider instead of a damaged strength jack. below is more!

Start by check if the battery is working

If friend are having trouble charging her laptop, you must confirm if the battery is working. Take the battery out, and also then plug the charger right into the laptop. Attach the charger to a source of power and confirm that the laptop is charging. This can assist you confirm if girlfriend are dealing with a faulty battery or if, indeed, the strength jack is the problem.

If you plug in a power adapter and also remove the battery, the laptop will not operation if it does not have a constant power supply. Once you remove the power adapter indigenous the outlet, you should expect the laptop to rotate off since it will not have a power supply.

Confirm the battery life via CMD

Checking the battery life can assist you recognize the problem of your laptop’s battery more. Click on start, then select. As soon as a paper path mirrors up on the screen, you should open windows explorer. Proceed to the battery details section so the you can check the last complete charge and design capacity. Friend then should divide these two values and multiply through 100%. If you get a high percentage, it shows that the battery is healthy.

Test the strength adapter

Before you effort to resolve the power jack there is no soldering, you should confirm that the AC adapter is not acting up. Use a multimeter to measure up voltages. Plug in the adapter right into a power outlet. Ensure the you collection the Multimeter right into DC setting to 20V. The Multimeter leads must then touch the metal contents of the adapter connector. Check the reading on the multimeter. It should be somehow comparable to the one top top the AC adapter.

Consider opened the laptop’s case

If you have experience v fixing various issues, you can fix the strength jack there is no soldering. You need a driver to unscrew the laptop’s case. When you accomplish this, you can take out different laptop contents such as the RAM, storage, and also battery.

Ensure you remove all the screws while opening the case. You can now assess the strength jack. Confirm that the power jack has actually not moved. Remove it from its socket because that a while, and also then place it earlier in together you use enough pressure. You have the right to then continue with putting the different contents of the laptop the you had actually removed ago in. Ensure you screw everything ago correctly come avoid any issues once you revolve the laptop on.

If you notification that the power jack has actually some major damage, girlfriend should take into consideration replacing it. A damaged power jack deserve to prevent a secure connection and also make it tough to use the laptop as usual.

Here is a brief an introduction of these steps.

Before you examine the power jack, you should ascendancy out a faulty battery.Plug the charger right into the laptop there is no the battery.
This can help you assess the battery life.Click top top start, then select. Select windows explorer, climate battery.Divide the worth of the design capacity v the last full charge’s value, climate multiply this by 100%.

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