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Hi, All.Well, I chose it was (way past) time to readjust my coolant (61k). So, i drained it via the petcock in ~ the bottom that the radiator. Spec on mine "05 states there"s about 6 quarts, yet I acquired *maybe* 4 out of there. Additional research suggests that over there is likewise coolant in the block that doesn"t obtain released this way.Can anyone tell me if there room coolant drain plugs ~ above the block somewhere? Of, if not, how to fully drain the mechanism of old coolant?Many thanks!
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There"s likewise coolant quiet in the heater main point in the dash. Don"t worry about getting every autumn of coolant the end of there. Gain what you have the right to out of the radiator, and also that need to be an excellent enough.

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What i did on my Elantra was:1) drain radiator. Tighten petcock.2) fill radiator through deionized or distilled water (not insanity water).3) run engine it spins thermostat opens (keep heater on throughout this step). It speeds up the process if friend drive approximately the block a pair of times, as opposed to simply idling.4) Let auto cool a few minutes, then very closely open radiator cap.5) drainpipe radiator again - notice the coolant blend is acquiring weaker because of the included water in action 2. Tighten petcock.6) Crank engine and also immediately go ago to action 2. Thermostat will certainly open lot quicker since engine currently warm.7) Repeat procedures 2 thru 6 three or four cycles. The draining coolant must be practically all water through the 4th cycle.8) once satisfied (or just tired of repeating the procedure
), include between 3 and also 4 quarts of focused coolant to the radiator. There will certainly still be 3 qts or for this reason of virtually pure water in over there from the over steps.9) not forget to drain and replenish the coolant reservoir together well.Note: The factor I crank the engine in step 6 is that ns dont like including water come a hot engine unless it is running. Because that those that have actually a worry with this, they can simply permit the engine cool longer prior to repeating the fill, run, drain cycles, however so doing will rotate a one hour job right into two or 3 hours.You can do this yourself for around $10 because that coolant and a couple gallons that water, or pay $100 because that a an equipment flush - choice is yours.