In among our previous articles on steam-design (“Sharing steam Content”), us told you how to take a screenshot. We will certainly devote this short article to the development of the object of screening in your vapor account. Carry out not forget that, having accomplished perfection in developing high-quality frames, friend can choose your page among others.

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Commit and also save settings

As you currently know, screenshots are resolved in vapor by the F12 button. This is done on purpose so that you deserve to take interesting moments in the game, attract someone’s fist to lock or share your achievements.

Reassigning this feature you can use in customer settings.

In order to move into them, in the top horizontal menu you require to ar the cursor ~ above “View”, climate in the drop-down perform vertically go to the bottom and also activate the preferred line:


Going to the section "In the game", girlfriend will see the assigned key, which can be changed:


Many heavy steam lovers have challenge finding screenshots taken because of the challenging and confusing course to them.

To eliminate this torture, you have the right to specify your convenient storage because that them (in the photo below the switch for resolving the screenshots).

In addition, girlfriend can constantly use the “PrtScn” button, after i m sorry the photo from the display screen will be focused in your clipboard.

You deserve to insert this image, for example, by opening the “Paint” regimen from “Standard” and going come “Editing” (it is recommended to save it in JPG format).

View - Delete

If throughout the video game rally you take it pictures, climate after the end of the action, friend can, without leaving her account, go to the "View" "Screenshots" and analyze them.

Going come the "Downloader", you have the right to view all the screenshots developed during the last video game cycle:


Screenshot downloader top top Steam

The lower horizontal menu has functions that allow you to carry out the essential operations through them.

In the very first (from left to right) of the "Select All" commands, you deserve to " Delete" all screenshot at as soon as (the penultimate key). This is true if there are a many them done during the session and you don’t like them.

Deleted images, amongst other things, will totally free up the room allocated for you in Steam.

You can go to watch all and also delete castle one by one.

Each that the screenshots is removed from the "View":


Removing screenshots on Steam

Just placed the cursor top top the selected for deletion and click "Delete".

There is an additional useful feature of the lower horizontal menu - “Show on disk”.

If the cursor choose a picture and activate this command, then you will certainly be displayed the route to the repository where the specified display screen is located.

Now you know exactly how to take a screenshot, and you deserve to share through your friends how to delete screenshot in Steam.

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Do not forget that the experience you acquired left in the comments will aid other readers.