This overview will show you just how to close to run apps top top the LG G6. If your phone is slow, there are other LG G6 problems or an application is frozen, you can use this overview to nearby apps ~ above the LG G6.

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You don’t have to close apps top top the LG G6 to save battery life, but you may need to close them when an application freezes or once something is draining your battery as well fast.

Android does a an excellent job of managing the storage on your phone and managing battery life when you aren’t using apps. Once in doubt, leave your LG G6 apps open and things need to work out well.

How come Close running Apps top top the LG G6

When you start to view performance concerns overall, or you start to check out an app acting increase it’s time to close running apps manually.

\" data-image-caption=\"Tap ~ above this button to see running apps ~ above the LG G6.

Tap ~ above this button to watch running apps on the LG G6.

Tap ~ above the square button in ~ the bottom appropriate of the LG G6. This will open up up your currently running apps.


Swipe an app from the best to the left to close it. It will disappear from the screen and then the is closed.

Ideally, you will only must close one running app on the LG G6 in ~ a time.

How to Close All LG G6 Apps in ~ Once

If your LG G6 is lagging or not acting right, you can close all LG G6 apps at once.


To execute this, tap the square button in the reduced right.

Now tap on clear all to close every the to run apps ~ above the LG G6.

How come Check LG G6 application Memory Usage

You can also go come Settings -> Memory to check out what apps space using memory. Friend can select to see by the last 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours or day.

Tap top top Memory used by apps. This will show you the median memory use. The can help you determine what apps room using too lot memory if other is wrong.

You can additionally use the Settings -> smart Cleaner setup to clean the end apps the you don’t require running anymore.

If an application keeps misbehaving, friend can try updating the app. If that fails, uninstall the app and also then reinstall that to watch if the fixes the problem.


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