Minecraft is regularly played in a multiplayer setting on servers, which allows you meet new people. Unlike various other games, girlfriend can’t communicate using voice conversation without mods. Therefore, your finest bet is to use text chat to communicate with various other players. However, some players would rather not have actually the chat feature allowed at all.

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Press the Esc button on her keyboard.
At the top-left corner, click on “Chat: Shown” once.

From then on, girlfriend won’t check out any brand-new chat messages show up on her screen. You also can’t chat at all, and that includes typing commands. If girlfriend wish only to watch commands, you have the right to click the switch until it claims “Commands Only.”

If you wish to permit chat again, you can repeat the same steps as above to show the chat window once more.

How to Disable conversation in Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft: bedrock Edition is what football player on these platforms play:

Xbox OneiOSAndroidNintendo SwitchPCPS4

Most pc players play on Java Edition, despite it’s not unheard that for some to play on Bedrock. Together there are a few platforms here, we’ll overview you through each of them individually.

Xbox One

Players ~ above Xbox One will use its consisted of controller. The pause switch to the left that the XYAB buttons will carry up the menu. Here are the procedures for disabling chat on Xbox One:

Launch Minecraft because that the Xbox One.Head into a session.Press the pause button on her Xbox One controller.Go come “Options.”Head to “Multiplayer Settings.”Press “A” while highlighting the “Chat” option.Make certain it claims “Hidden.”

After act so, you’ll be entirely in the dark concerning the various other players’ message communication.

iOS and Android

Minecraft: radical Edition ~ above mobile gadgets is the very same regardless of your phone’s operation system. Hence, we’ll group the specific instructions in one location to do things much more convenient. Because that both iOS and also Android, the Pause switch is in ~ the optimal of the screen, ~ above the chat button’s right.

Disabling conversation in Minecraft top top iOS and also Android goes choose this:

Launch Minecraft on your mobile device.
Tap the stop button.
Choose “Accessibility.”
When it says “Chat: Hidden,” you can tap “Done” and also continue playing.

Mobile devices permit for simpler typing 보다 consoles, but if girlfriend don’t want to be bothered, go ahead and also hide the conversation window.

Nintendo Switch

You usage a agree Controller or Joy-Cons to play Minecraft top top the Nintendo Switch. Also on third-party controllers, the pause switch is the “+” switch near the right. On the appropriate Joy-Con, it’s the large “+” close to the top.

Disabling the conversation on Nintendo Switch requires these steps:

Open Minecraft for the Nintendo Switch.Start a game.Press the Pause switch on your desired controller.Choose “Options” indigenous the pause menu.Select “Multiplayer Settings” to bring up a organize of options.Press “A” once you’re highlighting “Chat: Shown.”When it states “Chat: Hidden,” conserve your settings, and you have the right to go on play Minecraft.

Even while playing Minecraft on the go, friend can always silence the hubbub and also mine in peace.


On PC, all you need to do is monitor the same measures as in Java Edition. Here’s what to do:

Launch Minecraft: radical Edition because that PC.
Press Esc on her keyboard.
Click on “Chat: Shown” once at the top-left corner.

PS4 Minecraft players have actually the Start button right wherein the Pause switch of Xbox One controllers is. Pressing it will bring up the stop menu. If you wish to hide the conversation window, here’s how you’ll perform it:

Load a game of Minecraft on your PS4.Press the Start button on the controller.Select “Multiplayer Settings.”Hover end “Chat: Shown.”Change it come “Chat: Hidden.”Exit the menu and also continue playing.

These accuse are also applicable for players using a PS5 come play Minecraft.

How to Disable chat in Minecraft education and learning Edition

The education and learning Edition is easily accessible on PC and mobile devices. Widespread in classrooms, this variation of Minecraft isn’t too different from other game versions as soon as it come to setting adjustments.


For PC, follow these steps:

Launch Minecraft: education Edition for PC.Head right into a classroom.Press Esc on the keyboard.Choose “Multiplayer Settings.”Click ~ above “Chat: Shown” when at the top-left corner.Make certain the alternative becomes “Chat: Hidden.”Exit the settings and keep playing.Mobile Devices

Students and teachers utilizing mobile devices can usage these instructions as a overview instead:

Open Minecraft: education and learning Edition on her device.Enter any kind of session.Tap the Pause switch on the screen.Select “Multiplayer Settings.”Tap “Chat: Shown.”Tap until you check out “Chat: Hidden” and also exit the setups menu.Continue playing.

For education Edition, educators can turn turn off chat for everyone in the classroom. This attribute is in the video game to permit students emphasis on learning. However, the alternative is off by default.

Can your Permanently Disable chat on Servers?

If your server has actually special plugins, you have the right to use them come disable the chat home window altogether. There are countless plugins because that Minecraft, and each that them has its own instructions. Terrific plugin is conversation Disable, but it’s currently not update anymore.

To disable chat through this plugin, execute the procedures below:

Install conversation Disable.Launch your Minecraft clientHead right into a server you have actually the authorization come change.Open the chat window.Type “/disable chat” there is no quotation marks.

Other plugins may have regulates that do similar actions. You can search because that them online, as many are free to download and also use on her servers.

No talk Here

Disabling the chat enables you to execute your very own thing without gift disturbed by other players. Whether it’s your choice or you’re a parent who’d rather prohibit their children from talking to others online, hiding the attribute is relatively simple. A few steps room all the takes to limit the chatter and explore Minecraft’s landscapes in peace.

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Which version of Minecraft execute you play? carry out you pat on much more than one platform? allow us understand in the comments section below.