Among us has actually updated brand-new simple features. This was a an easy feature but it the cross the substantial trend. Civilization are currently searching just for quick chats. Quick chat has many advantages and trends. But world are make the efforts to include or rotate off quick chat in among us. Yet some human being have a mistake the they submit arbitrarily birthdates below 13 age. So, You space surely worried about what to do now? So, this particular day we are representing just how you deserve to change period or date of bear in amongst us.

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Among united state march update 2021 has quick conversation which is awesome and great. As among us added the date of birth for period restriction, countless of united state submit the age reduced than 13 year old. The we have the right to use fast chat just which reason can"t type, can"t chat in amongst us. So to reset or adjust your period you must reset your day of bear in amongst ustocify $title=Table of Contents
how to adjust age in amongst us pc
I to be pretty certain you think that us can"t change the day of bear on pc there is no reinstalling it. But you room wrong, there is a very smart and easy method to adjust the date of bear in amongst us video game in pc. Friend might have the ability to find it with the help of my post and also video.Also Read: Among Us new Update quick chat, Airship Map alertInfo

Video Tutorial

Steps To readjust your age in amongst us on pc?

It"s time to present how girlfriend can change your day of bear or age in among us video game on pc. Here are the rwcchristchurchappeal.complying with steps from friend can adjust your date of birth in pc:

Step 1: find AppData Folder

Simply Press window +R and form "AppData" then press ok.Then relocate to folder "LocalLow" climate "Innersloth" and also to "Among us" folder. Alternatively, walk to "Local C:" climate "Users" then "your username" and then "Appdata" then "LocalLow" climate "Innersloth" and to "Among us" folder. Note: If you can"t find the "AppData" folder climate unhide the folder indigenous the check out tab.
how to readjust your date of bear in among us

Step 2: modify PlayerPrefs

Open amongst us folder and open "PlayerPrefs" files with notepad or anything.appdate locallow innersloth amongst us playerprefsFind File
change date of birth in among usEdit File

Step 3: collection Correct day Of Birth

Replace her incorrect date of birth in the right area v the 13+ period date. Then save the file.( the is in MM/DD/YYYY)
change day of birth in among us pc

Step 4: adjusted Age In amongst Us

Now open among us game. And click setups then data tab climate in chat type you will watch that her data of the fast chat will be now unlocked.
change chat type in among us
Enjoy this!Note: you can likewise delete "PlayerPrefs" document in action no 3.Deleting PlayerPrefs record will reset your among us game. By this, you can submit your date of birth again.In this steps, you have to open playerpref of among us files and also then change the date of bear to readjust your age in amongst us game.By doing all these steps, now you need to go to setups of the home. Then click rwcchristchurchappeal.come data and you have the right to see that currently you can choose an choice of quick chat only and free or fast chat

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This is how you can reset your date of bear in among us
and also change your age in among us. By following these actions you can easily get rid of the quick chat only problems. rwcchristchurchappeal.comment below if girlfriend have any type of problem while changing your period in amongst us in pc.