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On this beautiful, and also I typical BEAUTIFUL, Saturday morning, i was rooting roughly in the garden and began to wonder how much longer it will certainly be before the cabbage are prepared to harvest. We generally eat all us can and also then make sauerkraut. I"ll article how we do this when the cabbage are ready. So while i was looking at the cabbage below, you guessed it... Our two Jersey cows, Daisy and also Rosie meandered up and also put on their best begging routine. Castle look in ~ you v those large liquid eyes and sad looks and also can be the most effective panhandlers you"ve ever seen in your life.
Looking at one of the cabbages in the garden
So what else might I do yet pull off several of the healthy and balanced leaves turn off the bottom that the cabbage heads and also feed them to the cows over the fence. You can see old Rosie craning her neck up over the barbed cable fence that lines the height of our garden fence.
Beggars can"t it is in choosers
Well, they made fast work of do the cabbage pipeline disappear, so i went back to obtain more. They to be pretty funny, head-butting one an additional in competition to acquire the next leaf. You would"ve assumed by city hall this spectacle that us don"t feeding our cows and that is hogwash, together they had actually just consumed some an excellent hay andsome dairy product Ration just 30 minute ago.
Rosie and Daisy jockeying because that thebiggest cabbage leaf
 Rosie, top top the right, is being a gluttonous pig, yet Daisy, ~ above the left is making she presence recognized by sticking her sleep in the middle of things.
A handful of fresh cabbage because that the cows
Rosie deserve to be a genuine piglet, eating every one of her food and also Daisy"s too, therefore I conserved some cabbage particularly for Daisy. 
Thanks for looking out for me!
As i was the town hall the girl eat the cabbage, i was reminded of the old saying, "I"ll present him just how the cow ate the cabbage..." and began to wonder where exactly that sayingcame from. Thank goodness because that Google. At I found the answer and a very interesting one at that!The saying, "I"ll call him just how the cow ate the cabbage" simply method that you"re going come tell the truth, the entirety truth, and also nothing however the truth. Follow to the website above, this is a individual saying that originated in the South and also came indigenous a hoax from the 1940"s. That goes prefer this:A circus had actually arrived in a tiny town, and one morning among the elephants controlled to escape. The fugitive pachyderm make its way to the backyard garden of an elderly (and very near-sighted) woman, where it started hungrily uprooting her cabbages with its trunk and eating them.

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Alarmed by the apparition in her garden, the woman referred to as the police, saying, “Sheriff, there’s a big cow in my garden pulling up mine cabbages through its tail!” “What’s the cow doing with them?” the asked, to which the woman replied, “You wouldn’t think me if i told you!”
So the phrase method to tell who something lock don"t want to hear - favor the mrs in the hoax refused come do. Our girls took pleasure in eatingcabbage this morning and also continued to hang out by thegarden fence in hopes that I would toss them some additional fresh produce.Soon they saw that their begging was not going to yield added produce and they make their way to the rye grass paddock and began toeat things various other than cabbage.