In the movie "The Truman Show" among the characters wears the pin 'how's it going come end'. One of my roommates insinuated that this has some sort of symbolic definition but ns don't acquire it. I simply figured the it was virtually an inside joke with the audience the town hall the show due to the fact that Truman clear didn't recognize he remained in a TV show. Is there some sort of deeper meaning I'm missing? favor live your life to the fullest or something?


How’s the going to end? Well, if you to be old and a pan of the show, would certainly you die prior to it ended? space you young enough to see Truman die? If Truman had a boy on the show, would certainly the present keep going?

spoiler amazing interpretation, ns guess it alludes to the truth that the Truman show doesn't necessarily end with Truman's death yet it could proceed on in Truman's child and so on and also so on for this reason by leaving his constructed civilization he's efficiently putting an end to the franchise.

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?Q"How is the going" is how people interact by greeting day-to-day = the an outcome is predictable= we will certainly die asking the inquiry to every other= subliminal= courtesy bias vs honesty perform this there is a rabbit hole might be too late prior to info bomb fall Why is Q, Why is Anon dig dont expropriate narratives

my guess is they are referring come the foreshadowing that the ambiguous ending, as we execute not see what his an option to leaving leads to. However, this is just a guess. If they know some reference past the film, prefer a catchphrase because that a reality display at the time, or something the filmmakers said they to be referencing, let us know. The a cool sufficient thing to invest time pondering.

spoiler ns think for this reason too! Jim Carrey stated in one interview that the ultimate lesson the the movie is "when the false life is given up, when what everyone else wants from you and of friend is given up, then you walk right into the everything. You end up being the everything. There room no constraints anymore". After analysis that, ns can't assist but analyze "how's that going come end" to mean that Truman refused the continuation of his constructed world and also that we should apply that same mindset to our lives- life a spontaneous life full of surprises, mistakes, and living in the moment as protest to a future-oriented, planned and "scripted" life where we understand what's going to happen.

I remember hearing a theory that there was a ton of spiritual symbolism in the movie, and also it do a the majority of sense. It’s been a while yet something like Truman=true man. And the man running the present symbolizes god i think. Watch it increase I understand there’s gotta it is in a write-up or a video clip about it somewhere

I’ve always kind of assumed it had actually some kind of irony come it, prefer its supposed to remind you the Truman’s humanity in a way. He is a person and also not a composed character, the only method for his story to finish is with death. I would certainly love come hear some much more thoughts top top this though, I’m sure theres a lot of of ways to think about this, and also its just an exciting question to store in mind while watching the movie

Agreed, it's to be really interesting hearing other people's interpretations. Ns think you're top top something with the fact that it's reminding united state of his humanity. Component of me thinks that aside from the obvious message of it being a marketing tagline because that the show, ns think it suggests that world think they understand everything around Truman and his routine. When Truman states "you never had actually a camera within my head," i think the goes to display how small anyone understands Truman favor they think lock do.

I think it’s simply a marketing slogan that describes a show about someone’s really life—and the it’s nearly guaranteed the will find out what’s going on eventually.

Yes, that's follow me the currently of what my roommate interpeted. He stated that because viewers of the show have gotten used to Truman's day-to-day routine and the sense of 'normalcy' there, the tagline is alluding to the fact that the genuine appeal that the show is the reality that Truman can find out the reality at any kind of time i beg your pardon is what keeps viewers watching, and it's virtually a 'wink' in ~ the audience due to the fact that it's questioning the concern that the director to know we desire the price to.

Truman sees the switch reading, "How's that going to end?" and replies with "I've been wondering the same thing myself lately." This is whereby the poetic magic is IMO. Truman is stating the he has actually been having actually having gift thoughts about death, meaning, afterlife, etc, but his reality is so horrifyingly twisted that he could not perhaps guess the genuine answers, and does not understand that that is not even asking the appropriate existential inquiries (which can be things like "Is noþeles real?" "Does noþeles I perform matter?"). So the switch paired v Truman's solution show the viewer the existential concerns about an interpretation may not even be the appropriate questions, or may have actually answers which space wildly various than we expect.

A significant theme of The Truman show is meaning.

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If Truman's life is all fake, then the things he subscribes an interpretation to space fake (relationships, job, house, parents). This ide is uncovered in mythologies and also religions. In Hinduism it is referred to as Maya, i m sorry is the illusion the the phenomenal civilization (the stuff us see, touch, perceive, connect with) is real. The "How's the going to end?" scene gives the audience a possibility to see Truman suffering this illusion the reality. In this way it provides the audience an possibility to think about their lives and how they find meaning.