On the one hand, nobody desires to be a dick. ~ above the various other hand, dicks room everywhere!

They reduced in line, speak behind ours backs, recline right into our seats, and even have actually the power to morph into trolls online. Their powers space impressive, however with a tiny foresight and thoughtfulness, we deserve to take a stand versus dickishness today.

How not to it is in a Dick is packed with honest and also straightforward advice, yet it additionally includes playful illustrations reflecting two well-meaning (but not always well behaved) young civilization as they challenge moments of potential dickishness in their daily lives. Periodically they falter, sometimes they triumph, yet they always seek to uncover a much better way. And with their help, you deserve to too. Just see the covenant at the beginning of the book: I pledge to usage the tools and techniques provided in this book to assist make the civilization a less dickish place.

"Doherty fires absurd twenty-first-century zingers that happen to be really, really, yes, really funny."—starred, Booklist

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Meghan Doherty is one illustrator and designer whose work has appeared in books such together Super Pop! Pop society Top Ten list to aid You victory at Trivia, Survive in the Wild, and Make It with the Holidays and also on websites and posters because that a range of clients. She has added to the Brooklyn-based internet magazine Brokelyn.com. She stays in Brooklyn, new York.Meghan Doherty is an illustrator and designer whose job-related has showed up in books such as Super Pop! Pop society Top Ten list to aid You success at Trivia, Survive in the Wild, and also Make It with the Holidays and on websites and also posters for a selection of clients. She has contributed to the Brooklyn-based web magazine Brokelyn.com. She resides in Brooklyn, brand-new York.

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Editorial Reviews

Really? one etiquette book for teens? Yes, really, girlfriend butt-faced jerk! See, that right there is 'dickish behavior,' a timeless pester for i m sorry Doherty has a cabinet full of cures. The atmosphere is pure Dick and Jane: fussy early-reader prose married to bland clip-art-style illustrations certification a deadpan boy and girl. Through these old-fangled characters, Doherty fires absurd twenty-first-century zingers that take place to be really, really, yes, really funny. (When to be the last time you LOL’d at a nonfiction book?) Droll feeling is one thing, however does Doherty supply substance? Shockingly, she does, supplying teens blunt, no-nonsense advice top top the adult human being that awaits them….Given the focus on roommates, office parties, and also alcohol, this is clearly the gift publication for next year’s high-school and also college grads. ~ all, us all require the sometimes reminder that peeing in the shower head is wrong.”  - Booklist (Starred Review) "Amen! - a parenting publication for crummy parents prefer me. It's no so much a parenting book, per se - no, it really is one etiquette book. However the tone and also language offered is straightforward and also speaks come teens and young adult in a manner that they understand. And also all that stuff friend learned in education class? It's back, and also much more applicable than you thought. . . . The book is rated because that 18+, yet honest to God, I'll let mine 12-year-old daughter check out it. There's nothing unreasonable in terms of language or subject matter, i think, for middle schoolers, and also frankly, that's where the seed of dickishness space usually planted." - Chicago currently

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