Have you ever before wondered what LeBron James’ value is? How have the right to such a talented athlete not make a most money right?

If you thought LeBron James’ salary was peanuts, think again, and it is not simply the NBA the he renders money from. You generally make great money; however, LeBron James’ value is much more than just great money.

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As among the best names in the civilization of basketball and also sports in general, LeBron James seems to have actually it all. He has a many money this days. LeBron James has not had actually it easy. He’s had to work very hard because that what that has.

LeBron James History


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When James remained in high school, he had actually NBA scouts in ~ his basketball games to lure him come play because that the NBA. The was known as a basketball prodigy since he was in elementary school.

James took his high school team to the Ohio State Championships 3 of four years. He to be a media sensation and also was on the cover of Sports depicted too.

Lebron gotten in the NBA breeze in 2003 and also was drafted through the Cleveland Cavaliers. LeBron James signed v the Cavaliers that year.

Before that stepped top top the court, the signed a $90 million contract through Nike shoes. In the 2006-07 season, James guided the Cavs to the NBA Finals.

LeBron became a complimentary agent in ~ the finish of the 2010 season. The Miami Heat offered LeBron James a contract. In 2020, James signed a contract extension for two years and also making $85 million.
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LeBron James’ value is $38.4 million every year. This is just LeBron playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. This does not incorporate his endorsements and also any various other money native assets and also stocks, etc.

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Besides the million deal, LeBron acts in his spare time too. The was newly in the movie space Jam as well. Due to the fact that James makes this much money per year, that need to push his revenue to over the billionaire mark.

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Is LeBron James a billionaire?