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+Introduction ×Abilities and also Strategy 2. Torbjorn"s Abilities+Playstyle 2. Torbjorn and Positioning+Synergies and Matchups 1. Synergy effect for Torbjorn2. Torbjorn Counters3. Torbjorn Is solid Against+Maps 1. Ideal Maps for Torbjorn2. Worst Map because that Torbjorn

On this page, friend will find a comprehensive overview the the abilitiesthat Torbjörn has access to. We additionally explain exactly how to bestuse this abilities.

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Wait to use Overload when adversaries engage increase close, hardly ever use Overload once you cannot usage the second fire of Rivet Gun. Shoot Molten core in front of adversaries for preferably damage. Shoot Molten core in spurts, instead of holding under the primary-fire keybind.

Press 1 to select. LMB: Slow-firing, long-ranged weapon. RMB: Inacurate but an effective short-range weapon.

Torbjorn"s main resource of damage, Rivet Gun, has actually two develops of fireand 18 rounds per reload. The primary weaponshoots an arcing projectile that deals 70 damageon impact and uses one round. Torbjorn"s Rivet pistol is capable of dealingheadshot damage, which means a headshot transaction a whopping105 damage to enemies.

While the damages is high, the firing price of the weapon is low. Rivet Guntakes 0.6 seconds to recuperate from each shot, which means normal shots ~ above a200-health hero will certainly take 1.8 secs to kill. Additionally, the reload timeof the weapon is incredibly high at 2 seconds.

It is necessary to note that football player attempting to usage Torbjorn"s Rivet Gunat long ranges will should account because that the arc and also projectile speed of theshot. The projectile travels at 70 meters a second, yet it begins to arc almostinstantly after gift shot. Therefore, landing a distantheadshot have the right to be difficult.Torbjorn"s an additional fire alternative is a close-quarters shotgun projectile.Rather than shooting a single huge projectile, the secondary fire shooting 10small projectile that deal 12.5 damage per pellet in ~ close-range. That is125 damages per shot! Additionally, the secondary fire is capable of dealingheadshot damage, which means the Rivet Gun deserve to deal187.5 damages if every pellets hit an enemy"s head.While Torbjorn"s Rivet gun is like other shotgun weapons in the game, theblast is terribly inaccurate when compared to other guns. In fact, the pelletsspread at an edge of 4.15 degrees, making it challenging to soil headshots ontargets like Tracer that have small heads.

Other mechanics the Rivet Gun"s second fire include

Has a falloff variety of 7 to 20 meters.Uses 3 ammo instead of the primary fire"s one.0.6 2nd recovery time between shots.Projectile rate of 80 meters per second.

One last point to be conscious of, Rivet pistol will immediately reload ifTorbjorn switches come his build Hammer for around 2.1 seconds.


Forge Hammer

forge Hammer is Torbjorn"ssecondary weapon. Together the surname suggests, ForgeHammer is a melee weapon that deals damages to enemies andheals Torbjorn"s turret. The hammer deals 55 damages to enemies, but heals histurret because that 50 damage per hit. Torbjorn can swing his forge Hammer at a rate of1.25 swings per second.


Sentry Turret is an capability that, as soon as used, launches aself-deployable turret (up to 15 meters from Torbjorn"s existing location)that strikes a single-target in ~ a time. The turret has250 struggle points and also will last indefinitely till it isdestroyed by Torbjorn or an opponent player.

For Torbjorn, the casting time of the turret is 0.5 seconds, after i beg your pardon hecan attack or cure his turret v forge Hammer. However, the turretwill not strike until three seconds after deployment.

The turret will certainly lock ~ above whichever enemy is closest, and also will deal 14 damageper round. The turret is qualified of firing 4 rounds every second, which means theturret is qualified of handle 56 damages per second. The turret cannot dealheadshot damage, and also it interacts with the video game justlike various other hitscan dps attacks. Therefore, its shotscan it is in Deflected by Genji, clogged by enemybarriers, and erased by D.Va"s Defense Matrix.

Other mechanics the Deploy Turret include:

A maximum variety of 40 meters.Can be destroyed by Torbjorn by utilizing the communicate keybind.After five seconds, Torbjorn deserve to replace his old turret through a brand-new turretas long as his old turret has actually not taken damage from enemies or dealt damageto enemies for three seconds.Torbjorn can pressure the turret to fire at a various target if the hitsthe target v Rivet Gun"s main fire (enemy have to be in heat of vision ofthe turret when the Rivet pistol projectile strikes the or she for it to changetargets).


Molten main point is Torbjorn"s ultimate ability.When used, Molten Core turns Torbjorn"s Rivet Gun major fire into amagma-spewing machine. The molten slag released from the weapon sticks to levelsurfaces, creating pools of lava that dealarea of effect damages to all enemies captured in itswake.

The magma from the weapon will bounce off of walls till it soil on a levelsurface. If the magma strikes an foe directly, it will automatically stop itstravel path and fall to the floor to create a swimming pool of magma. The slag cannotgo through obstacles before it access time the floor, the shotscan it is in Deflected by Genji , and also they have the right to be erased byD.Va"s Defense Matrix.

The ultimate has 10 uses, yet players have the right to hold down the primary fire buttonto spew all 10 shots in a issue of seconds. If football player fail to usage all 10 shotsbefore 6 seconds, the unused shots will expire. Magma pools critical 10 secondsfrom location on a level surface.

The magma shot from the weapon transaction 130 damage to regularhit points, however it deals an extra 60 damages a 2nd toarmor. Therefore, the lava pools transaction 190 damages a 2nd toarmor.

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