Kung Fu Panda series is most likely one of the ideal animation collection created through DreamWorks.

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The collection follows the story that Po, a lazy daydreamer Panda who wants to find out Kung Fu, however his destiny takes that on the journey to become the real Dragon Warrior. Here is a list of every Kung Fu Panda movies in bespeak of release

Kung Fu Panda(2008)Kung Fu Panda 2(2011)Kung Fu Panda 3(2016)
Edited quiet from Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016) | credit Goes come DreamWorksKung Fu Panda 3(2016)

This movie starts native the finish of the first movie, Kie had defeated Oogway in the past, but Oogway told him that Dragon Warrior would defeat him. Kie is now coming to the valley to loss Po and also take his power.

Li Shan, an additional Panda, arrives in Valley and tells Po the he is his organic father. On the other hand is struck by zombies controlled by Kie. Over there is only one method to defeat Kie. Po has to learn the key. Kie is damaging every village and Po needs to learn the an essential by himself, after knowing his father was lying to him.

Kung Fu Panda Universe

Besides the main trilogy, the Kung Fu Panda franchise has created two television series and five quick films. Here is the list of entire Kung Fu Panda cosmos in Chronological order.

Kung Fu Panda(2008) – MovieKung Fu Panda: secrets of the Furious Five(2008) – quick filmKung Fu Panda Holiday(2010) – short filmKung Fu Panda 2(2011) – MovieKung Fu Panda: keys of the Masters(2011) – brief filmKung Fu Panda: Legends the Awesomeness (2011) – tv SeriesKung Fu Panda 3(2016) – MovieKung Fu Panda: secrets of the Scroll(2016) – short filmKung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny (2018) – tv SeriesPanda Paws(2016)- short film

Will there be an ext Kung Fu Panda movies?

According to Jeffrey Katzenberg (CEO of DreamWorks), there will certainly be six movies in Kung Fu Panda Series. The fourth installment in the collection is under production, yet the release day is still no confirmed.

Which is the ideal Kung Fu Panda Movie?

Kung Fu Panda collection is the 3 highest-grossing franchise indigenous Dreamwork Animations that won Annie Awards because that best-animated features. The series has three movies, however out of 3 which movie is the best? below in this section, I have actually ranked every Kung Fu Panda Movies based upon the Audience’s Rating top top IMDb.

MoviesRatings ~ above IMDb
Kung Fu Panda 3(2016)7.1/10
Kung Fu Panda 2(2011)7.2/10
Kung Fu Panda(2008)7.5/10

Other collection Like Kung Panda Series


Kung Panda Trilogy is one of the sufficient works, and the collection is filled through comedy and Action. In enhancement to being one of the best animations, The trilogy additionally has a fantastic story.

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Here in this article, ns have detailed you with a complete guide on watching Kung Fu Panda movies and have provided the finish list that Kung fu panda movie in order. As well as I have also detailed all the movies, television series, and also short films in Kung Fu Panda universe in stimulate of release.