When Jesus remained in the Garden the Gethsemane, top top the night He was betrayed, the said, “Do friend think that i cannot very nice one to my Father, and he will at as soon as send me an ext than twelve soldier of angels?Matthew 26:53.

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A roman Legion at the time of Jesus was 6,000 soldiers and also they to be very well trained men. As such twelve soldier of angels would have been 72,000 angels. And we don’t have any type of idea much more legions He could have called. But Jesus claimed the father would provide Him much more than twelve soldier of angels; therefore, you have the right to conclude that there were possibly many added thousands that angels available to Jesus the night He to be arrested!

What would be the combined strength in this variety of angels? Angels space powerful! In fact, Isaiah documents that a single angel obliterated 185,000 males in one night. For this reason if a single angel had actually that kind of power, exactly how much an unified strength would there be in twelve soldier of angels? “And the angel of the lord went out and also struck down 185,000 in the camp the the Assyrians. And when people emerged early in the morning, behold, this were every dead bodies.Isaiah 37:36

Since a single angel was able to obliterate 185,000 guys in one night, it would average the linked strength in a legion that 6,000 angels would be enough to ruin 1,110,000,000 males (that is, one billion, one hundred ten million men) — and also that’s just the merged power in one legion that angels!

Now stop multiply this very same number 185,000 by twelve legions, or at least 72,000 angels. Doing the mathematics tells me that the strength at Jesus’ disposal to have annihilated at the very least 13,320,000,000 males (that is, thirteen billion, 3 hundred twenty million men) — i m sorry is more than twice the variety of people life on earth!

Jesus didn’t require Peter’s knife to safeguard Him in Gethsemane. Had He preferred to perform so, Jesus might have summoned 72,000 magnificent, mighty, dazzling, glorious, overwhelmingly an effective angels come the Garden the Gethsemane to obliterate the roman soldiers and also the holy place police who had concerned arrest Him. In fact, the an unified strength in twelve soldier of angels can have wiped out the entire human race! yet Jesus didn’t call on the supernatural help that was available to Him, since He knew it to be time because that Him come voluntarily lay down His life for the sin that the person race.

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It is certainly evident that there was no human force on earth strong enough to take it Jesus versus His will. The only means He to be going to it is in taken to be if He allowed Himself to it is in taken! This is why He later on told Pilate, “Jesus answered him, “You would have actually no authority over me in ~ all unless it had been offered you indigenous above. Because of this he who delivered me over to you has actually the greater sin.” (John 19:11).