Here are several of the best means to say goodbye in Greek. Believe me, speaking Greek will certainly be quick and easy if you monitor this easy-to-learn method.

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This Greek lesson has been reviewed and improved with the assistance of George, a fluent Greek speak born and also raised in Athens, Greece.

So you deserve to feel confident the the information had in this Greek great is of good quality.

Learning just how to to speak Goodbye in Greek

The key to learning Greek in this great is to say the words in blue and red as they appear and to speak the words the end loud ten times.

By act this, it will certainly be much simpler to remember every one of the top ways to to speak farewell and also goodbye in Greek.

There space two versions v slightly different spelling, which will aid you to express the indigenous correctly. One version is shown in blue and also the other in red.

Just try your best to speak the words, and also don’t tension too much around getting the joint perfect.

You can constantly refine just how you to speak things when you’re in Greece and also hear just how the regional Greeks to speak things.

If you want an ext background to this Greek lessons, refer to the introduction in Greek great 1 – Greetings.

Remember, all you need to do come learn here is to speak the Greek words (in the blue and red colors) the end loud once you see them.

That’s pretty lot all you must do if you desire to find out the top ways of saying goodbye in Greek.

There’s additionally another section explaining even more ways of saying goodbye.

You might want to find out some that these as well. The all counts on what you prefer to say once you or someone else is leaving.

Top 10 ways to speak Goodbye in Greek

Good happy on her journey to learning Greek!



Explanation of when to use Ya as a goodbye:

It’s the easiest means to speak goodbye in Greek. It way both “bye” and “see you.”

It is often said through a hand tide from next to side, with your fingers fairly close together. As with you would do in the unified States.

If you desire to say “Bye” casually and less formally, you say “Ya.”

This is a common method to say bye to friends and family.

Ya is additionally used as a greeting, as described in Greek class 1 – Greetings.

Bye, have a nice day

YAH, kali-meraYAH, kali-meraYAH, kali-meraYAH, kali-meraYAH, kali-meraYa, kali-merahYa, kali-merahYa, kali-merahYa, kali-merahYa, kali-merah

Explanation of once to usage YAH, kali-mera as a goodbye:

This is a common means of saying bye in Greek if it is prior to 12 pm.

Kali-Mera by chin means good morning (good day). It’s one more greeting i m sorry is described in Greek lesson 1 – Greetings.

When you incorporate it with Ya and say, “Ya, kalimera,” it way bye, have a pretty day.



Explanation of when to use YAH-sou as a goodbye:

Ya-sou is used a lot between friends and people you know really well.

This is a much more friendly and polite way of speak goodbye contrasted to simply saying Ya.

It indicates familiarity. The sou is for just one the you!

You can also follow that by the surname of the person. Ya-sou George (Goodbye George).


(formal / more than one person)


Explanation of as soon as to usage YAH-sas as a goodbye:

A good-bye for more than one person.

It is also a more formal and polite method to speak goodbye to a person who is regularly much older than you.

If you’re leaving a group of people, you would certainly say, YAH-sas.

It’s a simple means to to speak goodbye once leaving a shop or restaurant.

A goodbye for an older ceo you highly respect, who of higher status than you, or someone considerably older 보다 you.

Don’t obtain confused: usage “Sas” when you desire to be formal (older people, formal organization meeting, etc.), and also keep “sou” once talking to friends or people you know.

See you

Ta le-mehTa le-mehTa le-mehTa le-mehTa le-mehTa lem-eTa lem-eTa lem-eTa lem-eTa lem-e

Explanation of as soon as to usage Ta le-meh as a farewell:

Ta le-meh (See you) – literally means: talk to you

You deserve to also include another word or two once saying Ta leme, together as:

Ta le-meh syd-o-ma – watch you soonTa le-meh argotera – check out you later on / catch you later / talk to you laterTa le-meh arvro – see you tomorrowTa le-meh to sav-vato-kyriako – view you ~ above the weekendTa le-meh (on a details day the the week) – Not defined here.

Note: Ta le-meh by chin is a common means to to speak goodbye. You don’t should say see you later. Friend can likewise say, Ya, ta leme (Bye, check out you).

Good continuing (Have a nice remainder of a day)

Kali syn-eh-heiaKali syn-eh-heiaKali syn-eh-heiaKali syn-eh-heiaKali syn-eh-heiaKali sin-e-hee-aKali sin-e-hee-aKali sin-e-hee-aKali sin-e-hee-aKali sin-e-hee-a

Explanation of as soon as to use Kali syn-eh-heia as a farewell:

There’s NO equivalent in English because that this. However, it can be translated as great continuing.

Apparently, Greeks prefer to listen this.

A pair of examples: You deserve to say it when you complete your shift at work, and also another job-related colleague still has work come do. Or she leaving the office, and someone is staying because they have actually work to do.

Think of it like this. You have the right to use this whenever who is left behind, and also they still have actually work come do.

If so, you might want to say Kali syn-eh-heia. This will certainly make the other human being feel a little better.

Bye, have actually a quite evening

Ya, kalo vra-thiYa, kalo vra-thiYa, kalo vra-thiYa, kalo vra-thiYa, kalo vra-thiYa, kalo vra-theeYa, kalo vra-theeYa, kalo vra-theeYa, kalo vra-theeYa, kalo vra-thee

Explanation of as soon as to use Ya, kalo vra-thi as a goodbye:

If the sun has actually set, you deserve to use this expression come say, “Bye, have a nice evening.”

It’s a method of saying bye in the evening or at night, but only when it’s tho a little bit too beforehand to walk to bed.

Kalo vrathi have the right to be used as a greeting and can likewise be said once LEAVING a location at NIGHT.

Important Note: Greeks never ever use the greeting Kali spera (Good evening) as a farewell as soon as leaving.



Explanation of as soon as to use Kali-neekta:

Use it when it’s time come return house for the night or if she going come bed soon, or you i think the other person will.

It can be supplied when walking past hotel reception on the means to your room in ~ the finish of a night out.

Kali-neekta is closer to the way Greeks speak it, yet for “visual” reasons, that is greatly written together Kalinihta. But it absolutely has a “k” sound come it.

Goodbye / Farewell


Explanation of when to use Adio as a goodbye:

Adio is nice common. The is like the “Adieu” in French.

Some Greeks use Adio together a farewell just if they’re not going to see the human for a an extremely long time (for months, a year, or also longer), or if the human doesn’t recognize whether they’ll be see the other person again.

But that is quiet an daily goodbye even when you understand that you’ll be seeing the same person again in a few days.

Adio sound a bit much more formal than ya or ta leme, however there’s nothing wrong through using it together a goodbye.

It might sound a bit more poetic in writing (again, it relies on the occasion).

It’s not as basic going together ya or ta leme.

Even so, George met his girlfriend and, at goodbye, just said: “Adio” (they also use the Italian “Ciao” often).

He was still plan to see his girlfriend the complying with week. 

So friend don’t need to stress around saying Adio together a good-bye only once you i will not ~ be seeing the other human for a an extremely long time. Adio is definitely used as an daily goodbye. 

Adio could sound a bit an ext suitable occasionally, but there’s no real dominion in day-to-day life. Sure, if you record yourself in a Titanic minute saying goodbye to your lover forever, friend won’t walk for “see girlfriend around,” due to the fact that it i will not ~ happen; you’ll most likely say “Adio,” however anyway, it doesn’t matter; then…

Italian goodbye (Ciao)


Explanation of as soon as to use Chiao:

This might be a bit of a surprise, however the classic Italian “Ciao” is another way of saying goodbye to someone in Greece.

In Italian, that is provided for both “hello” and also “goodbye.” Greeks mainly use it to say Goodbye.

The English spelling because that this Italian indigenous is Ciao. But you express it through a “ch” sound.

This is fairly a popular method of speak goodbye, and many Greeks usage it. The a cool means of speak goodbye, for this reason you might want to use it occasionally.

More Greek goodbye Expressions

Sto kalo – therefore long, farewell. If someone is leaving and you’re remaining behind.

Ya-hara – so long, cheers. The can additionally be used as a greeting.

Ya, kalo apor-yev-ma – Bye, have actually a great afternoon. Because that instance, you might want to say this if the time is 4 pm.

Important Note: Greeks never use Kali-spera (Good evening) together a farewell as soon as leaving, as formerly mentioned.

Tha ta pou-meh – I’ll watch you soon. Supplied when you understand the person and think that you’ll check out them soon. Tha ta pou-me has the same meaning as Ta leme. “Tha ta poume” is another way to say, “See girlfriend soon.” the is interpreted as we will certainly talk. It’s a casual farewell because that friends.

Ta pa-meh – see you. Used by young people.

Ta leme syd-o-ma – watch you soon

Ta le-meh argotera – check out you later on / catch you later on / talk to friend later. Ta leme argotera is used much more so if friend will accomplish someone again later during the day.

Ta le-meh arvrio – “See friend tomorrow” or “talk to you tomorrow.”

Kali-sou-mera – have a good day. If friend buy something, the human behind the counter may say this to you.

Kalo-sav-vato-kyri-ako – have actually a great weekend.

Na pro-seh-hiss – Take care of yourself. One of the most intimate methods to to speak goodbye. Just used between family members and really close friends who have an extremely close bonds.

Ad-e ya! – Bye-bye!

Apo-hyair-et-is-mos – Farewell

Mechri believe Eponemi fora – Until following time

Eis come epanidein – until we satisfy again (See girlfriend later). It have the right to be used in shops if friend think you will certainly be returning.

Hyair-ret-eh – A greeting the can also be used as good-bye in more formal situations. For instance, as soon as an interview v a politician has involved an end.

Less common ways come say goodbye in Greek

Ya, kali an-DA-mo-see – Bye, until we satisfy again

Harika pou-se-eitha – it was great to check out you (Good seeing you). Supplied if friend walk under the street and see a girlfriend or who you know who friend haven’t watched for ages. Once you leaving after talking, you may want come say, “good to see you after all this time.”

Kalo Ximeroma – If it is exceptionally late and the sunlight will be increasing soon, then some Greeks might say, “have a nice sunrise.” It’s fairly odd come think of the in English, however indeed it means something like “have a good sunrise/dawn”.

Filakia! – Kisses! Used in between couples and close girlfriend (most likely said through a woman).

Kalo thromo – have actually a safe trip.

Popular methods to say Goodbye in Greek Recap

Ya – bye (informal) – γειά

Ya, kalimera – Bye, have actually a nice work – γειά, Καλημέρα

Yah-sou – goodbye (to one person you know) – γειά σου

Yah-sas – good-bye (formal/stranger/more 보다 one person) – γειά σας

Ta le-me – see you – Τα λέμε

Kali syn-eh-heia – an excellent continuing – Καλη συνέχεια

Ya, kalo vra-thi – Bye, have actually a nice evening – γειά, Καλό βράδυ

Kali neekta – Goodnight – Καληνύχτα

Adio – Goodbye/Farewell – Αντίο

Chiao – Goodbye

Picking a good-bye in Greek – Greek Language Tips

Here are a couple of situations the may aid you better understand when to use details goodbyes.

After checking out of a hotel in Athens, you say bye to the hotel employee member behind the counter – Ya or Adio. If it’s part 5-star luxurious hotel, you deserve to still go with Ya or Ya-sas.A plumber has fixed something because that you and also is about to leave. You give thanks to him, and then you speak – Efharisto poly, ya-sas (if he is older) – thank you really much, bye. Or you deserve to say ya-sou or just ya if he’s your age.You leaving the dentist’s office and also say bye come the receptionist working there – Ya-sou or just Ya if the human being is her age. Ya-sas (if the person is older). Stick v the age ascendancy in general for sou or sas.You speak bye to your ceo Apollo after finishing occupational (mid-week), and you’re about to go home – Ya, ta leme avrio (Bye, check out you tomorrow)Imagine you space going to ask because that a much better salary. You speak to the boss, and also he claims he will take into consideration it. Once leaving the room, you have the right to say – Efharisto poli, ya-sas (thank you very much, bye). You deserve to say ya-sas to the ceo for sure, especially if he wants to save some distance. It’s only a issue of hierarchy/company protocol and also age. For example, if the protocol claims that whoever holds a greater position 보다 you has to be greeted formally. Also, supplied for somebody lot older 보다 you. If you occupational in a cafe, “Ya” or “Ya sou” as a goodbye is fine.You speak bye come a work colleague – Ya. Among colleagues, that is really rare come say ya-sas uneven you respect someone an extremely much (and he’s usually much older).You say bye come the human interviewing you at a job interview – Efharisto poli (thank you an extremely much), ya-sas. You usage “sas” because it’s an ext formal.You to speak bye to 2 or three people who have actually interviewed girlfriend – Here’s definitely ya-sas (because there space 2-3 people).You to speak bye to a taxi driver – Ya.Your short 1-day tourism at an old Greek site is finished. Finally, you speak bye to her tour overview – Ya or ya-sas. It depends on the person’s age.You to speak bye come a job-related colleague – Ya or ya-sou.Someone calls you on the call to offer you something. Friend tell castle you’re not interested. If the salesperson claims bye, it will certainly most most likely be – Efharisto (Thank you), ya-sas.You’re the end at a society at night with some friends, and also you watch some human being you understand (though not an extremely well). You talk to them and after that when you’re about to go somewhere else, her bye can be – Ta leme.

Note: On any of the over occasions, you can conveniently go because that Adio. It could sound a bit much more odd or distant, yet no one will certainly wonder why you claimed Adio. If friend really want to stick come the rule (no actual reason why), climate you indeed can say Adio if the a farewell to who you won’t watch for a lengthy time. Shot to keep an ext in mind the age of the other human or his work position come decide because that “sou” or “sas.”

Since most of the above cases included civilization that you most likely don’t know really well, utilizing Adio sound a tad far-off and, therefore, much more official. However, if friend could develop some type of easy-going the atmosphere while communicating with any type of of these guys, then saying Ya or Ya-sas is also acceptable. However, if every little thing started formally and also ended formally too, Adio sounds an ext suitable. Ta leme have the right to be provided at the club because it’s a much more easy-going environment.

How to say goodbye in Greek to friends and family

You say goodbye to your friend Aphrodite after having actually a coffee with her in ~ a café – Ya, harika pou se eida (Bye, it to be a pleasure see you)You’re having actually lunch through a group of friends, and you’re the an initial one to leave. You say – Ta leme paidia (paidia is pronounced peh-thee-a) – watch you guys. Literally – watch you kids, referring to adult speaking to various other adults. Paidia way “kids” or “kiddos.” the is offered especially between friends, and also it doesn’t issue if that a group of guys or girl or mixed, it’s very common. The various other thing you might say is simply “Ta leme.”A guy’s girlfriend, Artemis, is about to leave and go residence for the night. His bye can be – Kalinihkta moro mou (Goodnight babe). Words Moro way babe in Greek. Note: when “mou” is added to the end of any type of sentence, it personalizes it come “my,” which is a compliment.American Greeks visit their loved ones in greek while on vacation. Once leaving, a few of the relatives are standing exterior the door. The goodbye could be – Ya, ta leme sintoma (bye, (hope to) view you soon.) Or also “Kalo taxidi” (have a an excellent journey).You say bye to her Greek friend on the call – Ya, ta leme.You end up football training and also say bye to a group of guys/friends on her team – Ya.A man leaves for work in the morning and says bye to his wife. He can say – Ya, ta leme argotera (Bye, see you later)A mommy or dad drops off their son at school. A typical bye can be – Ya, ta leme spiti (Bye, view you at home)A Greek mommy says goodbye to her daughter, Eleni, who will be examining in England and also won’t be returning to Greece for at least 6 month – Ya kai na prosechis (Bye and also take care)You drop turn off a family member who is going on a trip at the airport. Her bye could be – Kalo taxidi (Have a an excellent journey)

How to say bye in Greek – class Conclusion

Top Tip: To be honest, you deserve to use simply 2-3 of castle in everyday life (Ya, or Ta leme, or Adio).

Hopefully, this Greek lesson has actually made it less complicated for you to understand exactly how to say Goodbye in Greek.

If you’re still not that confident in choosing the best ways to say good-bye in Greek, then store your ears open once traveling about Greece.

Pay close fist to how other Greek human being say goodbye in cafes, shops, and on the street.

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It won’t take it too long after the to choose your own preferred ways of speak goodbye in Greek.

Another Tip: girlfriend can likewise say something prefer Yaaaa (with a very, an extremely long “a”) if you want to sound an ext cool or very easy-going. Certainly not to strangers, yet to your friends. One example: You spend a night in a big house with 5-6 friends, and also you room the last one to wake up in the morning. Feeling lazy or tho sleepy or simply because you don’t have anything an ext to say, you have the right to go through a long “Yaaaaa.” ns not certain if George is make this up because that a little bit of fun, however it seems plausible.