Hulk: just how Did the Avenger REALLY end Up on Sakaar? In Thor: Ragnarok, Bruce Banner/Hulk to be on the world Sakaar -- however, just how he acquired there to be much various than just how it occurred in the comics.

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In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it would be a long time till Bruce Banner and his environment-friendly rage-monster change ego would certainly return adhering to the conclusion that 2015"s Avengers: period of Ultron. In fact, the Hulk do his long-awaited return in 2018"s Thor: Ragnarok, wherein the Jade Giant appeared on the world Sakaar, taking component in the Grandmaster"s challenge of Champions. The character"s presence much out in the cosmos come as a surprise to part fans, however it was in reality a breakthrough lifted straight from the comics.

However, points in the MCU played differently than they go in the comics. Here"s a rundown of exactly how the Hulk discovered himself ~ above Sakaar in the source material, what occurred as a an outcome and how it compares come the large screen.

In the comics, the Jade Giant uncovered himself in space at the begin of the Planet Hulk storyline. However, that wasn"t there by choice. In fact, the character to be actually sent off the the earth by the Illuminati, a secret group the superheroes which included Iron Man, physician Strange, Professor X, black Bolt, pops Fantastic, and also Namor the Sub-Mariner. The Illuminati have operated in the shadows the the Marvel world for a lengthy time, making decisions and shaping occasions in secret. ~ the Hulk walk on another dangerous rampage, the an enig group arranged because that Hulk to it is in taken far away from Earth, whereby he couldn"t pains anyone any kind of longer.

Their goal was for Banner/Hulk come be taken to a quiet world where he might live peacefully, but the shuttle delivering him to be knocked turn off course and he, ultimately, found himself top top Sakaar.

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In the MCU, points were a lot different. Hulk disappeared in ~ the end of Avengers: period of Ultron in a quinjet. Following the fight in Sokovia and also the defeat of Ultron, Hulk rotate his back on black Widow and also the remainder of the world. That willingly blasted off into space, and, given the huge number the wormholes that bring about Sakaar, his ship at some point landed on the Grandmaster"s planet. And also there, he remained in regulate of Banner for 2 years. Here, it was Hulk"s decision to leave Earth, since he didn"t desire to be a risk to anyone rather or be supplied as a weapon.

Hulk Leaving earth Age of Ultron
The Hulk left to have a life of his own, but also to avoid himself native causing more damage on Earth. These scenarios are completely different native the source material, whereby it was other personalities who cheat him into leaving. This provides the Hulk a more conscientious and heroic figure in the MCU. What"s more, the sets up a character-defining story the doesn"t come in ~ the price of his connection with Tony Stark, physician Strange, and also the other personalities that comprise the Illuminati.

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In fact, the mystery group"s treason of Hulk to be something that came as a shock come readers, and it was a fracture that served as the very first building block to Hulk"s vengeance-fueled return to earth in World battle Hulk. In the case of the MCU however, no betrayals occurred, and also no friendships to be broken. It was a much more organic rotate of occasions that didn"t check out fan-favorite heroes turn on among their own.