Did you understand that a 14-inch pizza actually has almost twice as much area to cover than a 10-inch pizza? it is right, think it or not. In order to figure the area of her pizza (in square inches), turn ago to your institution days and also recall that the area that a one is ascertained by acquisition pie — or 3.14 — and also multiplying that times the radius squared.

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Okay, okay, also complicated. So, to trust us. We’ve done the mathematics for you. A 10-inch pizza is consisted of of 78 square inches, while a 14-inch pizza has actually 154 square inches.

What that method is that a 14-inch pizza will certainly contain virtually twice the quantity of sauce, cheese and toppings the a 10-inch pizza. When setting your food selection pricing, this is a an important point.

Now, let’s say you offer 14-inch “small” pizzas and 16-inch “large” pizzas. A 16-inch pie is 201 square inches — about 31 percent larger, in regards to area, 보다 a 14-inch pie. Similar to in the instance above, what this way is that your 16-inch pizza, though just two much more inches in diameter, will require 31 percent more sauce, cheese and also toppings in order come look and also taste favor your 14-inch pizza.

Does that median your 16-inch pie should bring a price allude that’s 31 percent higher than your 14-inch pie? Perhaps. If a 14-inch cheese pizza is priced at $8.99, because that example, then a 16-inch cheese pizza would be significant up come $11.75.

Unfortunately, client in plenty of markets aren’t willing to pay $11.75 because that a cheese pizza as soon as they can get one loaded with toppings native a significant chain because that under $10.

Ultimately, the best technique for determining the final price of your 16-inch pizza would be to number your food costs, then find an agree markup native there. You likely won’t make as lot per pie as you execute on your 14-inch pizzas, yet your client won’t feel overcharged and also alienated, either.

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Finally, if you are resigning yourself to making much more profit on a tiny pizza than a large, yes sir no should fret. Through pushing her 14-inch pies in her marketing and bundling small pizzas with breadsticks or wings and soda, you can increase sales of this pizzas.

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